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Christmas Delivery Guys

The sound of the knock at the door made me jump, and I quickly paused the porn movie I was watching on the laptop, jumped up, shoved my tshirt back on, and adjusted my boner so it was held down by my sweatpants.  Unbolting the door, I stuck my head around to see the two delivery guys who were coming to pick up the sideboard I’d just sold online.  They were both in their 30’s and I could see both of them had heavily muscled bodies outlined under the tight corporate polo shirts and shorts they wore.  Both had their names stitched on the shirt – Brad and Simon.  Brad was the hottest of the two, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pierced eyebrow.  His arms were tanned a deep brown, and thickly covered with hair the same blonde colour as his head.   Simon had dark shaved hair, pierced ears and smooth, hairless arms, I could see intricate tattooed designs starting on the back of his hands, covering his arms, and heading up under the sleeves of his shirt.

“Oh, hi guys – you here to get the sideboard?  Come in – it’s down here – in the lounge room.” I lead them through my flat, pointed it out, and said “…careful; it’s heavy”

Brad grinned – “…no problems – we’ve moved heavier than this”.  They briefly debated the best way to carry it, before they both strained to pick it up, muscles outlined on their arms, legs and backs as they carried it through down the hall, outside and onto the truck.  Once it was in, and they’d locked it up, they returned, and gave me a clipboard to sign.

“you guys need a drink?”

“That’d be great – thanks – you got a coke?” said Simon.

“Sure thing…come through”

As we were all heading out to the kitchen, Brad brushed against the laptop, and it fell off, and to my horror, the movie started playing again, the scene of a guy being spitroasted filling the screen, and visible to us all.  I quickly scrabbled for the laptop, frantically trying to turn it off.  “Sorry about that…I don’t know how that happened”

I turned around to see them both laughing hysterically at my discomfort.  Through his giggles, Simon gasped “Don’t worry – we’ve seen plenty worse in our time.  Hell, I think I even own that one…”

I looked at him, eyes wide open…”You mean…you’re…gay?”

“Yup – we both are…Brad’s my cousin – and we’re just running the family business.  We both like doing these pickups and deliveries…we meet all sorts on these runs”  He answered, walking toward me, stripping off his tshirt as he approached, revealing a smooth, toned & muscled body, covered completely in tattoos.  He unbuttoned his shorts,  and pushed me down onto my knees in front of him, slipping his shorts and briefs down, revealing a thick semi hard cut cock nestled in a bush of black pubes.  I needed no encouragement and greedily took it in my mouth, feeling it stiffen alarmingly in my mouth until it was stretching my lips as wide as they could go.  I gagged as he pressed the back of my head into his crotch, his long cock hitting the back of my throat.  I pressed my head down hard for a while, fucking my mouth as he moaned.

When he finally let go, I saw Brad had moved, and was standing next to him, shorts around his ankles, shirt off, stroking his stiff uncut cock.  I moved my head around and took his cock in my mouth, his free hand moving over to stroke Simons’ cock.  His cock was longer, but thinner than Simons, and he obviously shaved his balls and shaft free from the blonde pubes that grew at the base of his shaft.

I paused briefly to take off my shirt before slipping the long dick back down my throat.  I could feel Simon move around behind me, and slip my sweatpants down and over my knees, leaving my arse bare and exposed.  I got onto my hands and knees, and Brad dropped to his knees and resumed fucking my mouth, as Simon gobbed onto my arse, rubbing it into my hole with his hand, before reaching around and grabbing my cock, running his slick fingers around the head, making me groan.  I could feel him press his fat cockhead against my arse, and I cried out as he pressed it all the way inside me in one thrust, stroking my cock as he did.  Simon and Brad started snogging as the fucked me – one in my arse, one down my throat.

I reached for my own cock, and started to stroke, rubbing my precum into the head to lube it up, my thumb running around and around it, driving me crazy.  Simon grabbed my hips, and started to fuck me harder and harder, pulling his dick all the way out before thrusting it back in, my groans and moans muffled by Brad’s cock sliding in and out of my throat.  Simon said to Brad “…you wanna go this end now??”  I felt both cocks pull out of me momentarily, before they swapped positions.   Simon ripped off the condom he’d slipped on, and buried his long, thin cock in my mouth, just in time for me to moan as Brad’s thicker cock stretched my hole wider than before.

They both fucked my unrelentingly, one grabbing my hips and ploughing my hole while the other held both sides of my head and jammed his cock in and out of my aching throat.  Suddenly, Simon groaned loudly and I felt him start to shoot on my face, spurt after spurt of thick, white cum spraying my face and hair.  I greedily swallowed down his cock again, drinking down the last few drops.  He stood up, and said “Brad… get on your back…I wanna see this guy impale himself on your fat cock and jerk him off while he does”

I lowered myself down onto Brad’s fat erection, grimacing as it buried in deeper than before.  I started to bounce up and down, his pubes tickling my arse as it entered me deep.  Simon wrapped his hand around my dick, and started to stroke it in time, his firm grip combined with a fat cock deep in my arse driving me wild.  It didn’t take long to send me over the edge, and I started to shoot a massive load all over Brad’s hairy blonde chest.  I reached forward and started to rub my cum over his nipples; this seemed to trigger him off too and he groaned and thrust his hips up, deep inside me as I felt him cum too; I could feel his cock pumping as I squeezed my arse around it.

I stood up, Brad’s already softening cock slipping out, his big load visible in the end of the condom that hung off the end.  He stood up, pulling it off, and dropping it on the floor with the one Simon used.  We all dressed, and as they headed out the front door, Brad handed me a business card … “So, call us if you ever need something picked up or delivered”  They both grinned at me, and headed off toward their truck.

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