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Anonymous Cocksucker – Early Morning Mouthful

I was the horniest I could remember – no action for days on end, and I’d spent the night inside, hiding from the miserable weather outside.  Horny chats online had done nothing to relieve my raging boner – I’d already jacked off three times, once on cam for nearly an hour with one of my regular online wank buddies from Australia.  Now, it was 4am, and I was wide awake, my dick aching and sore from the constant attention, but now painfully hard again in my boxers.

I flicked on my phone, and starting paging through the grindr profiles in my area, looking to see if any of my regulars were online, and wanting some attention.  Nothing – not one of them were active – not that surprising given the late hour. The familiar message sound chimed, and I opened the profile.  It was for a guy just round the corner who I’d never seen online before.  The profile blurb sounded promising – active, hairy, cut with a XL dick.

I flicked open the message …. “I’m so horny I can’t sleep”.  The guy was direct.

I responded “yeah, me too. “

“I need someone to come and suck my dick”

“That could be arranged – what’s it like?”

A picture followed with the caption – “Just taken this now”.  The pic was taken down the length of his body as he lay on the bed, completely naked.  He had wrapped his hand around the base of the shaft, and was holding it so that it pointed up at the ceiling.  It looked as big as the profile promised, and was surrounded by a bush of thick, dark pubes.  His darkly tanned body was heavily muscled, and covered in thick, black hair from his chest, over his abs and down onto his muscular thighs.

I pinged him back – “looks good.  Where abouts are you?”

A response: “you think you can take it all?”


“You swallow?”


“No recip from me….you come, you suck my dick, you leave…”


A link to a map followed with the instruction “don’t ring the doorbell when you get here…”

I glanced at the map, as I pulled on my jeans and tshirt, stuffing my dick painfully inside.  “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

I locked up, and jumped on my bike, pedalling through the deserted wet streets.  Soon, I was standing outside a nondescript block of modern flats.  I checked my phone, and saw he’d sent more pics of his hardon through.  I responded “I’m here”

 The door to #5 opened, and a face peered around.  The door opened slightly and he whispered accusingly “You’re late…. Keep quiet…my flatmates are all asleep.”  I carefully slid into the darkened hallway, and let him close the front door behind me.  Then followed him along to a door where a lamp was on.

He closed his bedroom door, turned around and pushed me down, onto my knees in front of him.  His dick was inches from my face, and I reached up, wrapping my fist around the girth, giving it a few experimental tugs.  A drop of pre-cum blossomed on the tip and I leaned forward to touch my tongue to it, letting the salty tang cover my mouth, before parting my lips and wrapping them around the fat, cut cockhead.  I ran my tongue around it, playing with his piss slit, licking the rim of his cockhead around and around, making him moan quietly as I did.

I’d never had a dick this big in my mouth before – my hand could barely encircle it, and I reckon it would have been more than two handfuls long.  I couldn’t wait.  He put one hand on the back of my head, and pushed it down slowly, but firmly onto his dick, the long, thick shaft gradually filling my mouth, until it made me gag as it hit the back of my throat.  I couldn’t breathe through my mouth because of the girth, and had a moment of panic as I started to choke on it.  He ignored my gagging, and kept pushing down, harder, more insistently, not letting me stop.  I was on the border of panic, when suddenly, the gagging passed, and he pressed my head down until his dick was firmly in my throat, my nose buried in his wiry, black pubic hair.

He moaned and started to pull his hips backward, pulling his cock from my mouth – all the time, holding my head firmly, not letting it move at all.  Saliva flooded my mouth, lubricating his shaft as he slowly face fucked me, pausing for a few seconds each time his cock slipped back in, deep down my throat.  My dick was throbbing in my jeans, and I reached down, unbuttoning my flies and letting it spring free – I moaned in relief, and started to stroke myself as I sucked the biggest dick of my life. 

He pulled his dick from my mouth, panting and sat down on the edge of the bed, legs apart.  I kneeled down, and took his cock back in my mouth, swallowing it down deeply. I could feel him pulling at my shirt, and I paused briefly to let him pull it up over my head.  He reached down and started pulling my nipples as I resumed sucking his cock – moaning onto his dick as he tweaked and pulled at my tits.  By now, he was writhing around on the bed, squirming as I sucked him closer and closer to orgasm.

He pushed my head back, letting his cock go free my mouth – and sat back for several minutes as I knelt in front of him, stroking my dick – our eyes fixed, neither of us saying a word.   He didn’t move, just watched as I slowly jerked off for him, my aching cock oozing precum onto the bedroom floor. 

He stood in front of me again, and starting to stroke his dick with his hairy fist, gradually picking up pace, until he was pounding it frantically, his breathing becoming rapid.  Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head and rammed his dick straight down my throat with a loud moan, pushing my face back down hard. As his dick slipped down the back of my mouth he cried out and started to shoot his load, the hot salty cum flooding my mouth – filling it up so quickly I couldn’t swallow it all down.  His dick pulsated and pumped between my lips, and soon his seed was spilling from my mouth, down my chin.  He was still cumming as he pulled his dick out of my mouth, pumping the remainder of his load out onto my face, where it ran down my chin, falling onto my body. 

He stood up, panting, naked and still fully erect.  He walked to the door, opening it up and said “You can go now”


“You heard me – get the fuck out.  I told you that before”

I stood up slowly, his spunk covering my body, my own aching dick throbbing painfully, pointing at the ceiling, and needing relief.

“Can I at least get a towel to clean up a bit?”

“No…” He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to my feet, pushing me awkwardly down the hall.  He pulled open the front door, and pushed me outside, still shirtless, my jeans still around my knees.  He threw my t-shirt after and closed the door, not looking back.

I wiped his cum off my face and body as best I could, slipping the sopping shirt back on, and pulling up my jeans – fortunately the street was as deserted now as it was when I arrived.  The short ride home went by in a blur, and I was soon home, back in my bedroom, trembling, shocked but totally excited and turned on.  Stripping naked, I balled up the cum soaked t-shirt, burying my face in it – smelling the musty, salty smell as I started to wank my aching cock.  It didn’t take long until I moaned and my own load joined his, gradually soaking away into the fabric.

As I laid on my bed my phone beeped again – it was him.   “You can come again.  I’ll message you when I want you…”

Anonymous asked: Have any more stories coming out? I love your writing ;)

Thanks :) will post some more soon

Anonymous asked: I love you cocksucker stories, will there be a continuance with the blonde Joe?

Thanks.. Have been a bit busy lately, but have a few ideas knocking around for Joe

Anonymous asked: Hey how's everything going? Its been awhile since you posted a story :(

Hey.. Life’s been hectic for the last couple of months, currently on holidays, but thinking up more stories while I’m away… Hopefully post some new stuff soon 😄

#8.2 Frat House

  • I'd never been great at the whole 'be a man thing' but here I was, next to my ex on his brother's doorstep looking into his world. A strong scent of musky manhood and beer filled the room, there was a sound of a football game buzzing from the wall mounted TV. On the floor there were bottles of beer half covered by shorts, sports jerseys and jock straps. Right in front of us was a tall muscular black man, he looked back and forth between us until he grabbed Jordan by his long curly hair and dragged him to an armchair in the corner. "I'll have your brother" he shouted back to Josh as he crammed his huge black cock into Jordan's mouth.
  • Josh stood up, pulling the dick out of his mouth and came closer, towering over me as I knelt down all doe-eyed. One of his friends followed and they pulled me inside, taking one arm each. Josh collapsed onto his bed and pulled me into his crotch by the collar of my T-shirt where his dick stood at full attention.
  • I wrapped my warm mouth over it and began to work it deeper and deeper into my throat. I'd been practising the techniques i'd read in an article about 'the Art of giving Perfect Head'. 1. I made as much eye contact as I could, showing that even though he had dragged me into this I was enjoying ever second. 2. Don't forget the balls, I massaged them gently, pulling, caressing, occasionally giving them a suck on their own. 3.Mix it up! I changed speed, pressure and direction as often as I could without becoming like a drill. I'd loosely take it as he thrust his shaft down my throat but enveloped it firmly as I concentrated on the head. Twisting clockwise and anti-clockwise, licking the shaft up and down and then taking the all 8 inches of his thick meat down until my bottom lip was buried in his ball sack.
  • SSSHRRRRRIP!!! The sound of my T-shirt ripping as one of his friends tore it from behind, and went on to tear my shorts and pants as the animal in him took over. I felt him bury his face deep into my ass hole and his tongue tickle my insides, as if I wasn't already wet with excitement. I could feel a cold draft as he removed his friend, I waited in anticipation as I knew the only reason he would eat me out would be t-
  • "MMMMMMMmmm" I tried to yell with a mouth full of cock, intense pleasure shot through me as I thick, rock hard dick pushed through me, exciting every orgasmic nerve inside. He rocked back and forth as the nerves, emotions and excitement made me too tight for him to thrust. I wrapped my legs around him the best I could as he lifted me off my knees held my ass in his hands, spreading my cheeks as much as he could. He quickened is pace eventually until he was pounding me so hard that even the walls seemed to sway.
  • The two other guys surrounding me knelt down on either side with their dicks hard and ready and pulled me off my arms, my supports, placing my hand on their dicks. I was suspended in mid air by all 4 of their erect cocks, with each thrust behind me giving me momentum for a throat full of cock and enough bounce to jerk off their dicks.
  • And so I was completely out of control yet in a state of completely ecstasy and euphoria. I was being dominated by four of the manliest, muscular, well hung 20 year olds I had ever laid my hands on. As I felt their ejaculate burst, spew and erupt inside me and onto me I felt a feeling of accomplishment. This was exactly what I wanted all along, so really I was in charge...

Anonymous asked: OH wow I just want to stay your writing is amazing, it definitely got me hard! I would love to see if you have any more stories with Patrick and Mark in Gym Jock Fuck :) Keep up with the good job, oh and don't forget to proof read I noticed there were some minor mistakes here and there but overall the level of writing is great!

Great to hear you like the blog… will try to get another Patrick and Mark instalment together soon.

Thanks for the feedback on the proofreading…I’ll try to double check before I post.  Sometimes I’m a little slack in checking - want to get stuff out there quick!