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Rainy Afternoon Romance [submitted by a follower]

 The rain was tsrating to come down, streaking the window. Brad had stopped by Ron’s place. It was Saturday, and they had been planning on going out and doing something, but now weather made it look like they were going to be stuck indoors.

Still, it was kind of nice just being together, although they were both obviously feeling bored.

They were in the kitchen and Ron was fixing coffee. He had on a t-shirt and faded jeans. Brad was dressed about the same, and the fact that Ron happened t be barefoot, had made Brad decide to take his shoes off and be barefoot, too. It felt good and was kind of sexy, and it encouraged something of an uninhibited attitude. Even without actually saying as much, somthing they both enjoyed.

Ron smiled as he poured the water into the coffee maker and set it to brewing, and Brad smiled back. As shy as they might have been about it, as friends, there was a pleasing male-chemistry between the two of them, and it was something which was difficult not to like. Right then, with no one around, and it being only the two of them, it was nice to show an awareness of this and easy to respond to.

"So … " Brad said with a shrug of his shoulders, "what do you want to do today?"

"I don’t know," Ron said, also shrugging. He glanced at the window. "It looks like it’s going to be raining for a while."

"Yeah," Brad sighed. He leaned back against the edge of the counter, stretching his bare toes out on the smooth floor, as the coffee finished and Ron poured them out each a mug, handing one to Brad.

"What do you feel like doing?" Ron questioned, taking a sip.

"Oh, I don’t know," Brad replied. He sighed again. "Whatever we decide to do, it’s going to have to be indoor fun."

Ron laughed. “That’s sounds a little suggestive!”

Brad smirk back good naturedly, realizing how that had sounded.

"I wasn’t thinking of that," he chided.

Ron was still grinning, looking amused.

"Well … you never know," he teased. "A little between friends rainy day romance."
"Sounds kind of Gay," Brad remarked.

Ron smirked back. “I think stuff like that is different when it’s between friends,” he said, choosing to be entirely philosophical about it.

"I suppose … " Brad relented, seeing his point. He gave Ron a kind of dubious look. "Still … I’ve never anything like that with another guy, friend or not."

"Either have I," Ron admitted. He gave a careless shrug. "Lots of friends mess around, just for fun. It’s not like a big deal."

Brad appeared not entirely convinced, although he knew that it wasn’t exactly uncommon.

"I don’t know … it might be kind of strange. I mean, doing something with another guy."

"It might be fun," Ron countered with a casuual air. "You know … just enjoying something that’s all male for a change. Kind of like taking a vacation from girls."

Brad smiled a little. “Yeah. I guess it could be,” he said.

They both smiled, looking at one another and smiling somewhat self-consciously, but at the same time finding it interesting being open enough to discuss this kind of thing with each other.

In fact, it made the idea seem not unappealing.

"We could just head into the bedroom and see what it was like," Ron said.

"I … I guess we could," Brad agreed.

They each took a sip of coffee and set their mugs on the counter anbd walked from the kitchen, through the living room, and into Ron’s bedroom. They paused, looked at one anothe again, and tugged their t-shirts up and over ther heads. Then they slid down their jeans and underwear. There was a tiny moment of modesty, but that was quickly replaced by how inviting it felt to be naked together. They each smiled. Then, because it seemed entirely easy and natural to do, they stepped forward, sliding into each other’s arms and shared a naked embrace. Their bare skin felt smooth and warm and soft as it touched. Again, they looked at one  another, and then each closed his eyes, and they let their slightly parted lips touch. The effort was gentle but felt wonderful to be sharing as friends and just as guys.

They both grinned and climbed on to the bed, stretching out, and slipped back into each other’s arms, and resumed kissing. This time allowing their kisses to be more amorous. Between that and thei being naked, they both started to get an erection. Their penises stiffing and pushing up between them. The sensation of arousal encouraged thier romantic feelings. As they kissed, they let their hands slide down to hold and feel each other’s stiff length.

After several minutes of enjoying the naked male closeness they pulled back to catch their breath.

"Mmm … this is nice," Ron apraised.

"Yeah," Brad agreed. He looked at Ron’s revealing arousal. It felt wonderful not to have to be embarrassed to be admiring of another guy’s sexuality, or to enjoying being so revealing of his own.

Without saying a word, Brad leaned all the way over and took the swollen tip of Ronh’s penis into his motuh. He heard Ron moan, and then moan again as he slid his mouth up and down the curved shaft.

Admittedly, Brad was not fully prepared to find himself with a mouthful of semen. Although, at the same time, he actually found himself wishing that Ron would ejaculate so he could have that experience. Ron, however, held back, and Brad took his wet mouth away after an indulgent moment.

They kissed.

"That felt so good," Ron said.

"It felt good having you hard dick in my mouth," Brad said, grinning.

As he laid there, Ron leaned over to try sucking on his erection.

"Oh, yeah … " Brad breathed, as he watched his boner sliding wetly in and out of his friend’s mouth.

Then Ron pulled away and the continued to kiss and fondle and caress and stimulate one another. Brad began to feerl Ron’s balls, juggling the firm oval shapes around beneath the soft loose skin. While he was doing that, he let his index finger go a little lower to tease and caress Ron’s tight anal pucker. Something which Ron found extremely stimulating.

"Oh, man … " he panted.

Brad smiled and quite deliberately continue to tease his friend’s sensitive opening.

"Oh, geez … you could stick you dick in," Ron said breathlessly.

Brad had not been expecting to do anything that intimate. They did not even have a condom, although he supposed that they could feel safe enough with each other.

He saw a bottle of hand lotion sitting on the nightstand.

Reaching for it somewhat impulsively, he took the bottle and upended it, squeezing out a generous amount onto the palm of his hand, which he then applied to his unbelievably stiff penis.

Brad positioned hinmself on his kness beteen Ron’s legs, which he raised yp. Taking a hold of his hrd erection, Brad touched the mushrooming red tip to Ron’s anal pucker. He worked it back and forth to spread some o the hand lotion. Very gently, but firmly, he pushed forward and the head of his penis went in. Ron squeezed his eyes shut and drew in a breath, tensing just a little with the intrusion. Brad waited, and when Ron eplaxed, he went ahead and slid his erect organ all the way in.

"Ohhhh … " Ron breathed, his eyes still closed, his head tilted back.

The grip of Ron’s anal sheath felt tight and warm on Brad’s penis. Slowly he pulled back and then push in again, and began to repeat this action. Brad could hardly believe that he was actually fucking another guy, or how excitingly masculine this felt.

"Oh, man … " Brad exclaimed, as he kept his hips moving to drive his stiff boner through Ron’s tight opening, each time going deep into his warm interior.

A minute went by, and then another.

Brad could feel the urge building within his penis.

"Oh, geez! Oh, geez!" Ron suddenly gasped, unable to control his excitement any longer, as he ejaculated.

Brad saw the creamy semen pulse out and over Ron’s stomach, and seeing Ron release excited him.

"Uh … " he grunted as he felt his erection ejaculating too, doing so fully inside of Ron.

It was such a fantstic sensation to feel his liquid surge up and out of his hard length. Unexpectedly, though, the most exciting part was his realization that he was actually giving Ron his sperm. It felt so incredibly satisfying to be impregnating him like this as another guy.

"Oh, yeah … yeah … " Brad gasped.

Then it was finally over. Even then, it still felt wonderful to have his penis fully inserted into Ron and to enjoy the fact that he had just climaxed in him. It was such a loving thing to do as friends.

It seemed like that ay had been made just for hem. The rain and everything. And neither had any regrets.

Late night encounter…

It was a quiet night – even for a Monday - usually he’d only have to wait 15 minutes tops for someone else to show up, looking for action; now he’d been here for about 45 and nothing, nada.  It was a nice night for it too, warm, clear and only a few clouds in the sky that intermittently obscured the moon, throwing the forest into near complete darkness.

A few cars had passed, as well as a cyclist, who, had for a few seconds seemed to slow down as they went past, but had not stopped.  Ben sat here in his darkened van, erection raging in his shorts, almost ready to give up and head home for a wank in front of some porn he’d downloaded earlier in the day.  He looked in the rear view mirror, and saw another cyclist go past…or was it the same one?  The blue sleeveless t-shirt looked familiar, and again he slowed briefly, glancing at the parked car before picking up speed again and pulling away into the night.  His penis throbbed painfully, and, glancing around, he slipped it out of his gym shorts and gave it a few pumps, milking a few drops of precum from his cut cockead, massaging them back into the tip before licking the remainder off his thumb.   Distracted, he hadn’t noticed the cyclist return, this time stopping just down the road from where he was parked; the rattling of lock chains on the railing alerting him to the cyclist’s presence.

He stuffed his dick back inside his shorts, watching the guy messing with the bike as he nervously glanced about the place, before heading down a barely visible track between the trees.  After a couple of minutes, he got out, locking the car behind him before following the same route as the cyclist.  It was a very dark night out here and soon he left the streetlights behind, as he ventured quietly further and further into the woods, catching the occasional glimpse of the guy ahead when the moon was uncovered by the moving clouds.

As he turned a sharp bend in the path, he almost stumbled into the guy, standing at a fork in the path, obviously unsure of which way to go.  The guy jumped and let out a cry of surprise at his sudden presence.  Pressing a finger to his lips, he indicated the left fork, and beckoned the cyclist to follow.  They walked for another few hundred meters, until; finally they came to a small clearing, almost invisible from the main path.  They both pushed through the thick hedge that surrounded it and stood, facing each other in the narrow clearing.  The cyclist looked young, 20 at most, tall and slim, with dark cropped hair wearing a blue singlet, jeans and a pair of tatty looking trainers.  He looked very nervous. “First time doing this?”  The kid nodded, looking terrified.  “You interested?”  Again, a nod, trembling.

Their eyes locked, the stare briefly broken as Ben pulled his tshirt off, revealing his muscled, toned torso.  His pecs and abs, a product of hours in the gym were tanned a golden brown, the course blonde hair that covered them bleached white by the sun.  A colourful tattoo completely covered his left arm from shoulder to wrist, and an abstract symbol – a souvenir of his travels was inked in black next to his bellybutton, just above the waistband of his shorts. The kid stood frozen to the spot trebling, watching him. “You have a name?”


“Relax, Kevin – I won’t bite.  You are legal, right?”


“How old are you?” Ben elaborated.

“17…nearly 18”

“God…I’m 36…you sure you’re up for this?”

Kevin laughed and nodded nervously, his gaze roaming over Ben’s bare torso, but not moving.  Taking the lead, Ben slipped his hands underneath Kevin’s singlet, lifting it up, exposing a slim, lithe body below.  “Arms up…”  Kevin obliged, and Ben stripped the singlet off, letting it fall to the ground.  He let his hands roam over Kevin’s body, the skin warm and smooth beneath his touch, as his fingers ran up his abs, across his chest and around the back, pulling them closer together, until their naked torsos were touching.  They started to kiss, their lips touching together tentatively, Ben quickly slipping his tongue into Kevin’s mouth – he tasted of cigarettes and chewing gum.  Emboldened, Kevin reached forward and tentatively started to rub his fingers through the hair covering Ben’s chest and abs, running around his sides and over his muscular shoulders, pulling them closer together.  Ben reached down, placing his hands on Kevin’s arse, grinding their crotches together, both of them now with rock hard erections, cocks grinding against each other.

They broke apart from their embrace and Ben took a step back to give himself some space.  He unbuttoned the waistband of his shorts, undid the zipper fly and let them fall open, his cock shaft still trapped against his abdomen, but thick root of his dick now clearly visible.  He slowly slid his shorts down until his prick sprung free, moderately sized and uncut, a tiny drop of precum on the tip, glistening in the moonlight.  He’d only trimmed that morning – so his low hanging nuts and cock shaft were smooth, with his cock surrounded by a neat patch of blonde pubic hair.  He pulled his long foreskin back down the shaft of his dick, exposing the fat mushroom head beneath.  “Your turn…”

Trembling a little, Kevin slipped off his trainers, followed by his socks and jeans. He unbuckled his jeans and let them fall to the ground, and was left wearing only a pair of tight white briefs that pinned his dick against the left hand side of his abdomen.  He lifted the elastic up and over his dick, and pulled them down, stepping out of them and finally standing up straight before Ben.

Ben’s sharp intake of breath punctuated his surprise at what had been beneath Kevin’s briefs.  The kid was hung like a donkey.  It looked to be at least 10 inches long, and even though it was hard, it hung down and out over his nutsack, a dark bush of pubes around the base.  “Jesus that’s huge” said Ben, as he dropped to his knees in front of him so he was now at eye (and mouth) level with the enormous prick.  He wrapped his hand around Kevin’s shaft – it was thick and meaty in his palm before gently pulling back his foreskin and leaning in and touching his tongue to the tip.  The musty taste of the glans mixed with the salty taste of precum on his tongue, as he opened his lips, and slipped the fat cockhead inside.  Kevin moaned as Ben’s warm, wet mouth enveloped his dick for the first time, lips firmly wrapped around the shaft, tongue running around and around his cockhead, flicking again and again into his piss slit.

Ben tried to take as much as he could, opening wide, and fighting the gag reflex as the long, thick shaft slid into the back of his throat, but he couldn’t swallow much more than half of Kevin’s erection.  He set to work eagerly, licking, sucking and lapping what he could take, a stream of precum filling his mouth as a reward, swallowing down as much of the salty juice as he could each time he pulled his mouth backwards along the shaft.  Ben reached down, and milked a stream of pre from his own dick onto his finger, lubricating the tip, before placing it gently on Kevin’s tight hole.  Instinctively moving his legs wider apart, Kevin cried out in surprise when Ben simultaneously licked furiously at his cockhead and pushed his finger inside his hole, slipping it in as far as the first knuckle.  Ben worked his index finger further and further inside, all the time sucking and working his lips around Kevin’s cock, until the fingertip touched and started gently massaging his prostate.

Kevin moaned in pleasure – the pace of his breathing increasing as Ben sucked and finger fucked his arse.  A second finger followed the first, then a third, Kevin’s hole relaxing a little more each time to accommodate the added girth.  A few seconds later Kevin moaned loudly and started to cum – his hot, salty seed filling Ben’s mouth, and leaking down his chin as he struggled to swallow it all down.  Kevin’s hips bucked forward with each pump of semen, thrusting his dick deeper and deeper down Ben’s throat each time.  Finally, he stopped cumming, and stood panting, his prick still as hard as a rock, as Ben collapsed backward, eyes closed, onto the ground on his back, his unsatisfied dick still stiff and leaking precum onto his abs. Ben lay there, disappointed that Kevin had cum so quickly, expecting him to leave, but was pleasantly surprised a few seconds later to feel Kevin straddle his dick, slowly lowering himself down on the shaft until it was buried inside. 

Ben let Kevin take control, sitting still as he got used to the presence of Ben’s cock buried in his hole.  He slowly started to raise himself up and down, pausing each time to let the cockhead slide out of his tight hole, and moaning in pleasure as the fat, mushroom head stretched his arse wide as it popped out and slipped back in again.  Ben opened his eyes, and saw that Kevin was still fully erect, and stroking his big dick as he impaled himself again and again on his cock.  “Fuck – you’re ready to go again?”

Kevin just nodded – and continued to ride up and down on Ben’s dick.  Ben reached forward, and took over wanking Kevin’s dick, pumping the thick, veiny shaft in his fist.  Kevin leant back, with his back arched, placing his hands on the ground, and letting  Ben take over – raising himself up slightly so Ben could thrust his hips up, pushing his dick in and out of his hole as he stroked his dick.  They fucked for ages, Ben pausing every now and then to let his orgasm subside, wanting this to go on for ages.  He’d just started thrusting his hips up again, grinding his dick hard and deep inside Kevin’s arse when again, Kevin moaned, and a second load of spunk erupted from his dick, splattering all over Ben’s torso, spraying as far as his chin, matting the blond hair, and quickly starting to run down the sides of Bens chest and abs.

Still panting, Kevin lifted himself up, so that Ben’s aching cock slipped out of his hole, slapping hard against his abs.  Amazingly, Kevin’s dick was still erect – not even a sign that it was starting to go soft – even after cumming twice already.   “Fuck, Kevin, you’re insatiable…”

“I really want to make you cum”

“How about you fuck me for a while, then?”

Ben rolled over, and pulled himself up onto his hands and knees, his arse in the air.  Kevin knelt behind him, reached forward and wiped some cum from Ben’s chest and lubricated his dick with it,  fist wrapped around the base of his shaft, the tip pressed against Ben’s hole.  He pushed forwards, and pushed his dick all the way in, one single thrust.  Ben thought he would pass out from the pain of the big dick entering him so quickly, and cried out.  “Fuck Kevin – take it easy”

“Sorry …. I’ve never, you know, done this before”

“Just let me get used to it – I don’t usually get fucked, and never by a dick as big as yours”

 They stopped any movement, the pain in Ben’s arse starting to subside. Kevin started to move his dick ever so slightly, and inch or so back and forth to start with, Ben moaning at the pleasure of being fucked by a massive dick.  Slowly he put more and more movement into the thrusts, until Kevin was just leaving the tip of his dick inside before pushing his hips forward, and sliding the full length back in.  Ben moaned with each thrust – the pain giving way to pleasure, pushing his arse back , welcoming the thrusts of Kevin’s hips that drove the dick deep into his arse.  Kevin grabbed Ben’s hips and was soon pulling his dick all the way out, before pounding it back inside.  Ben could feel his orgasm building and building, and after several minutes of having his arse brutalised, he cried out and started to cum.  Kevin continued to pound his hole as Ben sprayed his load onto the grass, finally collapsing from his hands and knees onto his front, wrenching Kevin’s dick free from his arse one last time.

Kevin started wanking his dick furiously as Ben lay in the sticky grass, and after only a few strokes moaned and shot his third load of the evening, spunk splattering all over Ben’s arse and back; this time his dick was already starting to soften as he milked the last few drops from the tip, letting them fall onto the grass.

Ben stood – sticky with spunk, his hole aching from the first fucking he’d had in ages.  They stared at each other, their breathing starting to return to normal, cocks now almost completely flaccid.  Kevin was the first to move, picking up his discarded briefs, stepping towards Ben and using them to wipe the cum from his chest and back before slipping them back on, tucking his dick so it lay against the left side of his crotch.  They dressed in silence, and started to walk back along the path to the layby, Ben in the lead, Kevin following close behind.  As Ben’s car came into view, Kevin spoke “…um… do you think, you know, we could do this again?”

“I’d like that….a lot…”  Ben unlocked his car.  “Shall I give you my number?”

“I don’t have my phone with me – didn’t want to risk losing it out here”

Ben reached into the car, searching for a pen.  “Come here – give me your arm” 

Kevin stuck his arm out; Ben grabbed it and scribbled his number & name down his forearm in black ink.

“Thanks.  I’ll call you….it was … um… fun” Kevin grinned…

“Can’t wait….see you soon…”

They went their separate ways, and a couple of hours later as Ben lay naked in bed in his dark room, freshly showered and clean, his phone buzzed with a message. “Here’s my number… I had fun tonight. K”.   He replied “Me too – just in bed, can’t wait for the next time”

He lay back, his arse aching from the fucking Kevin had delivered to it; his cock starting to stiffen at the memory.








  • I'm looking for some new ideas for stories......maybe something a bit different to what's already on here... What makes you horny? What really gets your dick hard when you fantasise?
  • Let me know ....

-Gym Jock Fuck

It’d been a busy day, and before he realised it, Patrick looked up from his PC and saw he was alone in a deserted office, apart from the cleaners, who were starting to do their rounds.  Checking his watch, he realised it was almost 9pm – yet another 14 hour day.  He sighed to himself, thinking that there should be more to life than the constant grind of the graduate scheme he’d landed.  He went to log off, and saw that his new gym buddy, Mark was still showing as online in the office “…you still here too?” he typed.

“Just finishing up this latest round of testing – you wanna go for a beer?”

“Yeah – but need to work out first – you coming?”

“Sure – see you downstairs in 5”

They’d met at the gym a few months ago one lunch time, and got chatting – soon establishing they worked at the same bank, and quickly after that developed a routine where they worked out together a few times a week, either at lunch or after work.  They’d both joined as part of graduate recruitment – both were 25, and graduates from top universities, doing similar courses.  It turned out that they had played rugby against each other during their uni days – but neither of them remembered the other.

What they’d only discovered a few weeks ago was the fact that they were both bisexual; and one night after a few drinks they’d ended up in bed.  This had developed into another routine of casual fuck buddies – they shagged less often than they worked out together, but enjoyed a night of sex together once or twice a month if they weren’t dating someone else at the time.  The sex had got increasingly better as they got to know each other’s bodies, needs and desires; they were both truly versatile – both enjoying being fucked as much as they enjoyed fucking. Patrick enjoyed giving head, but was largely indifferent about receiving it, which suited Mark fine, who loved nothing more than letting someone suck him long and slow, teasing his cock with their tongue, and sucking him dry when he finally came. 

They’d both pushed their sexual boundaries with each other vastly – the first time they’d slept together, they’d barely done anything apart from some mutual wanking.  Over time, this had progressed to oral – with Patrick discovering his preference for, and skill of sucking cock; finally moving onto fucking – Patrick had convinced Mark to Patrick fuck him one night with a particularly large number of tequila shooters at the bar.  Mark’s arse had been sore for days after – in a good way; he’d engineered another night out not long afterwards, after which he’d fucked Patrick for the first time.

 They dodged the bars, and headed for the gym – deserted at this time of night, which suited them both fine – no waiting for a turn on the equipment, no crowds of New Year resolution types that filled the place for January and February, disappearing for ever in the first week of March.  They checked in, and headed for the change rooms, grabbing a towel each on the way.

Patrick stripped off his suit, hanging it carefully in the locker along with the rest of his work clothes, standing naked, rummaging through his rucksack looking for his kit.  He retrieved a red and black jockstrap, gym shorts and a singlet, slipping the jock on, adjusting his dick so that it sat comfortably in the pouch.  Mark watched as Patrick adjusted the straps of his jock so they hugged tightly around his arse, remembering the last time they’d shagged a few days before.  He’d topped Patrick that time, fucking his tight arse from behind, doggy style – it had been first time they’d not used a condom, and they’d both loved the feeling of raw sex.  They’d both cum almost simultaneously – the feeling of Mark shooting his load deep inside his arse triggering Patrick’s orgasm, spraying all over the kitchen floor.

Mark quickly thought of other things – not wanting to get a boner in the gym.  He too stripped completely naked before slipping on gym shorts and a tshirt.  The material of the shorts hung loosely down and as he moved, every now and then clearly outlining the thick shaft and cut cockhead of his dick.  The sight of Mark’s dick made Patrick’s mind roam back to the last time they’d fucked – the feeling of the fat, cut cock slipping inside his arse, stretching it wide to the point of being painful; the feeling hot cum spraying his insides made his dick twitch. 

They locked their stuff up, and headed for the gym floor, Mark shoving a baseball cap on his head backwards as they left the room. “Douchebag…” muttered Patrick, grinning.

“What??!” replied Mark “… it keeps the sweat out of my eyes”

“Yeah – trying to be 18 again”

They could see the gym was completely deserted – staff had gone home for the night, and a sign sat on the reception desk – “Use the Gym after Hours at your own risk, call 53332 for an emergency”.  They hit the treadmills, and after 15 minutes were dripping with sweat, the lack of air conditioning making it hotter than usual. Mark stripped off his tshirt – throwing it into a corner, revealing his muscled torso, arms and shoulders, saying “fuck this – it’s way too hot, and there’s no one here anyway”.  Patrick did the same – and they briefly stood and admired each other’s sweaty torsos under the harsh white lights.  Mark spoke first – “fuck – this is making me horny – shall we skip the beer after and go straight to mine?”

Patrick grinned “I was going to suggest the same….but why wait? There’s no one here, and I’d quite like to suck your dick on this weight bench…”  He undid the drawstring of his shorts, letting them fall to the ground, flinging them across to join his singlet.  His boner was clearly visible, pressing the fabric of his jock outward.  Marks dick had started to lengthen and thicken; his cockhead pressing against his shorts, the circumcised head clearly visible.  He stripped naked, and his erection, now fully hard pointed at the ceiling.  He lay down on the bench, legs apart, feet firmly on the floor.  Patrick dropped to his knees, and swallowed Mark’s dick down in a single movement, the sweaty, musty taste of his prick tingling on his tongue.  He wrapped his wet lips tightly around Mark’s shaft and slid up and down, pausing at the tip to run his tongue around the mushroom head and play with the piss slit, from which the first taste of precum was appearing.  Mark groaned, reached behind himself and grabbed the weights bench, arms behind his head, revealing his pits and showing off his muscular arms.

Patrick started to lick on Mark’s balls, his tongue moving over the hairy sack, probing further and further down.  He put each nut in his mouth, one at a time, holding them firmly with his lips, pulling them back, enjoying the moans he got back in response.  He pushed in deeper, and felt Mark lift his legs up and out over his head, revealing his arse in front of Patrick’s face.  Tentatively, Patrick leant forward, and touched his tongue to Mark’s hole; it tasted of sweat and the same musty tang that he’d licked from his dick a few seconds before.  He buried his face between the cheeks, licking and lapping at Mark’s arsehole, the first time he’d ever rimmed someone, running his tongue around and around the hole, before pressing it in the middle, feeling the tip slide in as Mark groaned in appreciation.  Saliva mixed with the sweat, and soon he was slipping his tongue in and out of the hole, the action lubricating it with spit.

Patrick got to his feet and let his jockstrap fall to the floor, his dick now rock hard, his foreskin pulled back to reveal a glistening cockhead, dripping with precum.  He wanked his dick a few times, milking some more pre from it, and greasing his shaft with it.  Kneeling forward, he pressed it against Mark’s exposed hole, before slipping the entire length inside in a single, slow movement – this sudden invasion taking Mark by surprise, making him cry out. Patrick pushed in as deep as he could, leaning forward, and burying his face in Mark’s exposed pits, tongue working around the left, across his chest into the right side.  He kept still, his prick buried deep inside but not moving, and chewed and licked Mark’s nipples, waiting until he felt Mark wrap his legs around his back – taking this as a sign Mark was ready to go on.

He started to pump his hips back and forth – his dick sliding all the way in and out, Mark moaning each time his hole was stretched wide to admit Patricks cockhead.  Their torsos were pressed together – Patrick’s weight grinding their chests together, the hairs that covered his abs rubbing up and down Mark’s cock that was currently trapped between their heaving bodies, making him moan as they rasped across his sensitive cockhead.  He took Marks left nipple between his teeth and bit down – gently at first, getting harder and harder until Mark gasped in pain.  Letting go, he replaced his teeth with his lips gently licking the nipple, flicking it with the tip of his tongue.  He repeated the process with the right side – and was again rewarded with cries of pain & pleasure from Mark.

 “You keep doing that, and I’m going to cum very, very soon” panted Mark.

Patrick grinned, and bit down hard again, at the same time grinding his dick harder in and out of Mark’s arse.  This time, when he released his teeth, Mark cried out as his dick erupted and hot, sticky cum sprayed from the end, trapped between their heaving bodies, the spunk acting as lubrication as their abs and chests slid together. Mark’s trapped cockhead shot spurt after spurt, still being stimulated by the movement of their slippery bodies.  Patrick moved his body upright, grabbed Mark’s ankles, and continued to fuck him as the last few drops of spunk shot from the end of his dick, joining the mess that was already covering his chest.  He was getting closer and closer, his nuts swelling and aching for release; he moaned, and started to shoot just as he pulled his dick out, the first few spurts of cum spraying all over Matts nutsack and crack – he slipped back inside, his dick still spurting and dropped the rest of his load deep inside.

Patrick fell to the floor, and Mark lay back on the bench, both panting and sweating.  Mark was the first to get up, using his gym towel to wipe spunk from his body, balls and arse, finally cleaning a few drops that had spilled on the weights bench.  They both dressed, and headed to the locker room, getting changed. “So … you want that beer?  Or should we go for round two at mine?” 

Anonymous Cocksucker – Late Night Party

At 3am, I was wide awake – wired and horny as fuck from the combination of lager and lines of cocaine I’d spent the evening consuming round my mates place.  I’d come home about 1, given up on the idea of sleep, and was alternabetween watching porn, stroking my dick and chatting on gaydar.  My cock was aching from nearly 2 hours of edging, nuts aching and swollen, but I’d still not cum, probably the after effect of the coke.

The rooms were pretty quiet, not much going on at this time of night; then I saw a message in the East London room from a profile called hornylads.  Clicking on it, I could see the profile was new, with no details, no pictures.  The message was short, and repeated every few minutes:  “wired and horny…need relief…pvt”. 

I sent a message back…”intriguing…what kind of relief are you after?”

“oral….handjob…whatever…we just wanna get off…” came the reply


“6 of us here”

My interest was definitely piqued now.  “6????”

“J yeah.  You interested?”

 “Definitely, but how come you don’t sort each other out?”

“We’re all straight - in from a night out on the booze. None of us got lucky, and we’re all horny as fuck.  Need someone to come get us all off…”

My dick throbbed, my mind racing “Pics?”

“Whats yr number?  I’ll get the guys to send you some”

I told him, fully expecting never to hear back, or for a flood of abusive texts to follow.  Instead, over the next few minutes, I got 7 messages back, all from unknown numbers, containing cock shots taken individually, some hard, some soft.  The last message was taken from above, and showed 6 men standing around a table, jeans undone, their cocks slipped through their boxers.

I messaged back …” where ru”

He named a house a few streets away

“Be there in 5…”

I knocked, and the door was opened a few seconds later.  “I hear you boys are in need of a cocksucker…”  I grinned.

The guy was obviously high as a kite, and let me in without a word.  I followed him down the hallway and into the lounge.  It was baking hot and loud; a group of guys sat around with drinks, straight porn playing on the telly and several bags of coke on the table.  He handed me a beer and pointed to the table – “you wanna couple of lines before we get started?”

I dropped to my knees, and snorted down a couple of fat lines that were already laid out on the table, feeling the affect hit my brain almost immediately, my heart pounding in my ears, my face flushing red in the heat.  I turned around to face the crowd, and asked “…so … who’s first?”

No-one moved at first, all the bravado suddenly gone. “C’mon guys – get em out and I’ll make you cum your brains out” 

“I’ll go first” said a guy from the corner of the room.  He looked a lot younger than the rest, maybe 18 at the most.  He was slim and blonde, and unlike the rest of the group was quietly sitting on the sofa, looking a bit lost. 

The room erupted with a cheer from the other guys as he stood up, walked over to me and started to unbutton his jeans letting his dick flop out.  It was long and thin, uncut and surrounded by trimmed, blonde pubes, and a pair of low hanging nuts that he’d obviously shaven smooth.  He let his jeans fall to the floor and stood in front of me, almost completely naked.  I looked up at his body – trim, but well defined, and almost completely smooth except for a trail of downy blonde hair leading from  his navel down to his dick.

I turned my back on the telly so he could watch the porn that was playing, and slipped his cock between my lips; it was musty and sweaty and salty and started to stiffen as soon as I took it down. He pumped his hips back and forth, forcing his shaft in and out, between my lips.  I pulled back his foreskin with my mouth and started to lick his glans around and around, making him moan in pleasure.  Soon, he was hard as a rock and fucking my mouth and throat violently, both of his hands on the back of my head.  I could taste a stream of precum flowing from his dick, down my throat; his nuts slapped me on the chin each time he pushed his hips forward.  It only took a couple of minutes, and I felt him stiffen, and start to shoot his load down my throat.  Spurt after spurt of hot cum filled my mouth, and I struggled to swallow it all, some of it escaping from the corner of my mouth.

When he finished shooting, he pulled his dick from my mouth, tucking it back into his jeans.  He said, “umm…thanks…” before walking away, back to his beer.

A second guy jumped to his feet, and headed over to me.  “You’ve had my little brother – now it’s my turn…”  He was a complete physical opposite to his brother.  He was dark haired, heavily muscled, with tattoos and hair covering his chest and abs.  He whipped out his own dick, which, like his brother’s was uncut and long, but this was thicker, nestled in an untrimmed bush at the base.  I could see he was already hard as he pulled his boxers over his boner, and rammed his dick in my mouth.  

I almost choked as the bell end pounded the back of my throat, gagging at the unwashed taste that filled my mouth.  He pulled my face deep onto his knob, burying my nose in his bushy pubes.  “Yeah, cocksucker….suck on my big dick” he cried out to more cheers from his mates.  I could barely breathe, the girth of his cock filling my throat, and his insistence of pulling my head down onto his shaft meaning my nose was constantly pressed into his musty crotch.

He grabbed the back of my head, and pulled it into his crotch as he thrust his knob forward, face fucking me for what seemed like ages, before pulling his cock out of my mouth, and starting to jerk it back and forth in his meaty fist, beckoning other guys to come and join in.  “C’mon guys lets cover this cocksucker with cum” he drunkenly yelled.

They all stood up, and stood around me in a circle, cocks in their hands, jerking their meat.  I sucked cock after cock in turn, some guys letting me take complete control and standing with their hands behind their heads as I worked their meat; others fucking my throat violently and making me choke their dicks down, hands on the back of my head, forcing my face onto their rock hard dicks.  All of them now had stripped off their shirts, and let their jeans fall to the floor, a wall of muscled bodies and cocks surrounding me, the room filled with the scent of sweat, beer and musty cock.

I sucked dick after dick; some big, some smaller – all rock hard.  Some of the guys liked having their nuts pulled on while I sucked, others just held my face and thrust their cocks down my throat.  I saw the young blonde guy I had started on was watching from the sofa – I could see that he hadn’t got dressed, and he was hard again, slowly stroking his dick as he watched his older brother’s mates surrounding me, jerking themselves as I sucked their cocks, one after the other.  I beckoned to him to come back, but he just smiled, shook his head and continued to watch the scene, slowly jerking himself, unobserved by the others.

My own dick was so stiff now, painfully crushed against my abdomen inside my jeans, but I was unable to stop and unbutton them to release it.  I could feel the precum oozing from the tip, the sticky wetness of it soaking my jeans as my aching balls throbbed with the excitement.  Slightly distracted by the discomfort, I was taken by surprise when the guy I was sucking suddenly moaned and started shooting his load in my mouth; not the biggest cumshot I’d taken before, but salty, warm and thick on my tongue.  He pumped his last few spurts into my mouth, before pulling out, his dick already getting soft as he wiped the tip of his dick on my face, smearing the remnants of his cum on my cheek.  He pulled up his jeans and walked away; the circle of guys closed in around me, and another cock replaced his in my mouth.

He quickly came too; a massive load this time that erupted from his cut cock, the first few shots landing on my tongue, before he pulled out, still shooting and spraying all over my face. He worked his cock in his hand, eyes closed, hips thrusting forward with each spray of spunk moaning all the time.  When he’d finished, he wiped the tip of his dick with his finger, rubbing the last drop through my hair, before awkwardly stuffing his still erect penis back in his boxers and buttoning his jeans and leaving the circle.

It became a blur after that – cock after cock either spunked on my face or down my throat.  I lost count of the number of loads I took, and I suspect some of the guys came back again, their hardons fuelled by beer and drugs.  My face was dripping with cum, and large wet stains covered my tshirt and jeans.  My mouth ached from the number of dicks that had fucked it, and my dick and nuts throbbed, desperately needing to cum.  All the time, the young blonde guy sat alone on the sofa, stroking; the other guys leaving the room one at a time, once they were done with my mouth.

Suddenly, it seemed, there was only one guy left, standing in front of me – the muscled, dark haired guy who’d got me over in the first place.  He was pounding his meat furiously, the effect of the drugs meaning his orgasm was slow to arrive.  I leaned forward, knocking his fist away from his dick, replacing it with my mouth, my tongue starting to work his cockhead around and around.  I pulled on his hairy nutsack, gently at first, then as I could see from his moans that he liked it, harder and harder, almost to the point of being brutal. Again he grabbed my head and ground my face into his crotch, his long, fat dick sliding easily down the back of my throat. I reached around, and grabbed his arse, kneading the cheeks, pulling him forward on my throat.  The touch of my hands on his butt seemed to finally send him over the edge, and he grunted loudly, pulled on the back of my head, and started to ejaculate.

His orgasm seemed to spasm through his entire body, hips bucking each time his nuts pumped another spurt of hot, salty cum deep into my throat; I was struggling to swallow it all down between the thrusts of his long, girthy cock.  He continued to fuck my mouth after he’d cum, my tongue running up the underside, and around the head as his boner started to subside, not stopping until he was completely flaccid.  He stumbled drunkenly as he lent forward to pull up his jeans; mumbling “…let yourself out…I’m fucked, and going to bed…” before stumbling out of the room.

I got slowly to my feet, reeking of sweat and spunk, my own erection now painfully visible against the leg of my jeans. “They’ve all left or crashed out upstairs” said the blonde guy, grinning… “…you’ve worn them all out.”  He was completely naked, and was slowly playing with his dick as he spoke.  I noticed he’d turned the straight porn that had been playing on the telly off.

I wandered over to him, wanting to taste his dick again, planning to suck him dry and then head home for a shower and a wank.  As I approached, he said “…you get off doing this…you know, sucking a bunch of guys you don’t know?”  I nodded, “…yeah, it really turns me on – sucking dick makes me really horny.  Tonight will give me wank material for weeks.  In fact, I’m planning on sucking you off again, then heading home to clean up and jerk off in the shower…”  He fixed his gaze on me and started stroking again.  I sat down beside him, and he continued “…it’s ok – if you want to get your dick out here, that’s fine with me, I don’t mind….Anyway, you don’t want to walk home with a boner like that in your jeans”

The thought of jerking off with this guy made my cock throb, and I quickly unbuckled my belt, pulling my jeans off, and letting my dick free.  I pulled my tshirt off, over my head, and we sat next to each other, completely naked – close enough to feel each other’s body heat.  I could see him checking me out – eyes roaming over my chest and abs and watching me intently as my hand gently stroked my cut cock.  I reached over and placed my hand on his thigh, slowly running my fingers up his leg and onto his torso, onto his abs and chest.  Placing my palm flat on his stomach, I splayed my fingers, letting a finger play briefly with his navel, before sliding my hand down until his penis was between my fingers.  He sighed, and leant back on the couch, hands behind his head, letting me take over.  I wrapped my hand around his cock, and stroked it slowly, but firmly, at the same time as I did my own, pausing every now and then to transfer some of my precum to the uncut tip of his dick.

He let me continue for several minutes, before he opened his eyes, leant over and ran his hand over my lower torso, pushing my own hand away and taking over the stroking of my cock, his fingers exploring my dick, playing with the cut head.  We sat on the sofa, playing with each other, boners hard in each other’s fists, edging ourselves; pausing every now and then to let our mutual orgasms subside.  After we’d both came close to climax several times, I withdrew my hand, and leaned forward to taste his cock again.  To my surprise he did the same, and we manoeuvred ourselves so that we were both lying along the sofa on our sides – his dick level with my face, mine with his.  As I took him in my mouth again, I gasped as he did the same to me; his warm, mouth enveloping my dick, his wet lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, squeezing it as he slid it down his throat.

I pushed my hips forward, and felt my cockhead hit the back of his throat, making him choke; I immediately stopped, only to feel him press his face down, taking more of the shaft, fighting his gag reflex.  He struggled for a few seconds to accommodate my dick, finally taking the full length in his throat; I rewarded him by doing the same, expertly swallowing him down for a second time that night.  I moaned as he sucked, his tongue flicking at my piss slit as he slid his mouth up and down on my shaft.   We sucked each other eagerly, knowing that neither of us would be able to hold back for long; my nuts swollen and sore from hours of stimulation, his, I suspect the same – turned on by the whole scene that he’d witnessed that evening; and despite the fact he’d shot a load down my throat just under an hour ago.

He started to squirm, and I could feel his breathing quicken, and knew he was close, so I redoubled my efforts on his dick – concentrating my tongue on licking his cockhead and piss slit continuously, which made him moan onto my dick and squirm some more.  The vibrations of his moaning on my dick sent me over the edge, and simultaneously, we both started to cum in each other’s mouths.  He shot a few times, a smaller load than before, which I greedily swallowed, and milked from his dick.  I, on the other hand continued to cum for several seconds after he’d finished – a massive load erupting from my aching nuts into his mouth, most of which he seemed to swallow down as well.

We collapsed back onto the sofa, panting.  “Fuck – that was amazing. “ I breathed. “Have you ever done that before?”

He shook his head sleepily – “…no, first time”, turning himself around so he lay in front of me; his back pressed against my body.  I wrapped my free arm around his body, pulling him close; my now softening dick nestled along his arse crack, his dick, still semi hard lying at right angles to his body along the sofa cushion.  Soon, I could feel his breathing deepen, and knew he’d fallen asleep; I was still quite wide awake and wired, and enjoyed the time lying there, our bodies pressed together my thumbs gently stroking his chest and nipples as he slept.  When I could see that the sun was coming up I decided it was time to go.   I shook him to wake him – he mumbled something in his sleep, but didn’t stir, so I extracted myself from the sofa, quietly pulling my jeans, shirt and trainers back on.  Covering him with a blanket, I headed down the hall and home, looking forward to a shower and sleep, if it would come.

I wasn’t expecting to hear from any of them again – and was pleased when I got two text messages the next day.  The first was from an unknown number, with a picture “…hey cocksucker – you were good last night.  I’ll buzz you again sometime when I need your services again…”  The picture was a selfie, taken in the bathroom mirror of the ringleader from last night, his long fat erection clearly visible.  I smiled to myself – hopefully another regular – especially if he has his mates again.

The second message was from a real number, and said “Hi – it’s the guy from the other night – the blonde guy, Joe.  Sorry, I didn’t realise you’d gone – must have been sleepy… J  Thanks for covering me up – the guys all found me passed out on the sofa in the morning.  Hope you’re ok – if you want to catch up again, that would be fun”…..

I replied in the affirmative immediately.

Anonymous asked: Your stories are amazing. My cock has never been so hard. I wish you did audio books.

Thanks :) glad you like em …

Anonymous asked: When are you going to post something new i check this almost daily and get disappointed when it's the same stuff

Hey - sorry - I cant post as many as I’d like to…but have just done another instalment of the Basic Training story…. Hope you like 

Anonymous asked: When are you going to write another story? Can't wait

just posted another one… hope you like

Basic Training 3

Dr Matt stood in the doorway, his eyes fixed on the pair of soldiers in front of him, their cocks still fully erect, cum dripping from the tips.  “So, you two boys like to fool around, do you?  Were you fucking all last night, up there alone in the cave too?”  Ed and Dave both blushed, and looked at the floor.  “Don’t be worry guys, your secret is safe with me….I won’t tell anyone….In fact…I’m up for a little fooling around myself, if you get my drift…”

He threw the towels he was holding down onto a bench, and started to unbutton his shirt, revealing a hairless, muscled torso beneath.   He slipped it over his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, smiling as David took a tentative step towards him.  They started to snog each other passionately; as they did Ed approached and the three of them started to kiss, hands running over each other’s military fit bodies, erections raging.  David knelt down and removed Matt’s shoes and socks, before reaching forward and unbuckling his belt, allowing his trousers to fall down so that Matt now stood in front of them, wearing only a jockstrap, his long cock straining at the red material.

David started kissing Matt’s shaft through the material, his lips gently moving up and down the shaft, licking at the stain of precum that soaked where the tip would be, savouring the faint salty taste.  He reached up and stretched the elasticated waistband outward, slipping the jock down, Matt’s dick springing free and now pointing at the ceiling.  His cock was long, and uncut, the foreskin tight and now pulled back, revealing the dark glans beneath.  He leaned forward and slipped it between his lips, his tongue licking the head, drinking down the drops of precum from the tip.  Matt and Ed continued to snog, Matt moaning into Ed’s mouth as his dick slipped easily down David’s throat for the first time, buried so deep that he could feel David’s nose buried in his blonde pubic hair.

Matt and Ed broke off their kiss, allowing Ed to sink to his knees as well, starting to kiss and lick Matt’s thigh as David continued to suck on his dick.  Matt spread his legs slightly, and Ed leaned forward and started licking and sucking on his low hanging nuts, his face pressed against David’s as both sets of lips worked Matt’s cock and balls.  They took turns at sucking his cock, Matt with one hand on each of their heads, pushing their faces into his crotch. 

After several minutes of having his dick sucked by the two of them, Matt tapped David on the shoulder, indicating that he should stand up too.  Now, they started to snog each other, their tongues mashing against each other.  Ed now alternated between the two uncut cocks that were in front of him, the two men that he was sucking breathing heavily and moaning as his tongue and lips worked their dicks.  As he sucked one cock, he worked the other in his hand, his thumb and forefinger pinching the foreskin together, pulling it back and forth over the men’s cockhead, his fingers getting slippery with precum that oozed from the tip as he swapped between the two dicks every now and then.

Matt broke off the kiss, pulling Ed to his feet, so they all stood in a circle, facing either other, the tips of their dicks inches apart.  He grinned, and spoke for the first time since they started….”Now, if I recall what I saw earlier…” he pointed at David “…you were getting fucked by Ed?”  David blushed, grinned, and nodded… “Yeah, it was first time ever too; my hole is aching from his fat cock”.

“In that case,” Matt continued, “…I think that we should give your arse a rest, and fuck Ed for a while….sound good to you?”  David grinned, responding “definitely….you wanna go first?”

Ed silently dropped onto his hands and knees on the shower room floor, and Matt knelt behind him, his hand wrapped around the base of his rock hard erection.  Pulling back the foreskin, he spat into his hand and lubricated the tip of his dick with saliva, and pressed against Ed’s hole, pausing only briefly before pushing his hips forward and entering him fully in a single, slow, deliberate thrust.  Ed cried out in surprise as the full length of Matt’s cock slid deep inside him; it wasn’t as painful as when David had fucked him the night before, but Matt’s cock felt like it was longer, if not as thick. 

As Matt started slowly and rhythmically to fuck Ed from behind, David knelt down at the other end, holding his cock in his hand, pressing the tip against Ed’s lips.  Ed opened up, and David moaned in pleasure as his dick was once again enveloped in the warm, wet mouth and throat, the thick girth muffling the groans emanating from deep within Ed as he was fucked in both ends.  Matt reached down and grabbed Ed’s broad, muscled shoulders, pulling his body backwards as he pushed his own hips forward, grinding his dick deeper inside, making Ed moan loudly; his muffled cries vibrating down the length of David’s dick.   Matt and David both leaned forward, and started to snog as they fucked, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, as their cocks probed and prodded Ed’s mouth and arse.  David broke away from the snog, pulling his dick out of Ed’s mouth.  He stroked it several times while he watched Matt thrust his cock in and out, pulling hard against Ed’s shoulders as his hips drove forward, Ed grunting with each thrust.

Matt withdrew his dick, and stood up, panting with the exertion, allowing David to kneel in his place and slide his thick cut cock in a long, slow thrust deep inside Ed’s arse, Ed moaning in pleasure at the feeling of his hole being stretched wider by the thicker girth of David’s shaft.  Copying Matt’s technique, David placed his hands on Ed’s shoulders, and pulled his entire body backwards as he pushed his hips forward, enjoying the extra penetration it seemed to give him.  David’s fucking motion was slower than Matt’s – long, slow thrusts instead of the rapid pounding from before.  He kept a sedate pace, his cock sliding deep inside, and then pulling out until all that was left inside was his fat cockhead; only pulling his entire dick out every few strokes.  Each time he did, and his mushroom head slipped out and then back in again, Ed cried as it stretched his hole wide to accommodate the width.

David felt a hand on his shoulder, and realised Matt had changed position, and was now kneeling behind him now, cock pressing insistently against his arse.  As he pulled hips backwards, he felt Matt’s long cock enter him, sliding deeper and deeper the further he pulled his own dick from Ed’s hole.  They soon fell into an easy, slow pace, Matt fucking David as David fucked Ed; Matt’s cock sliding deep inside David as David’s withdrew from Ed.  They fucked like this for ages – a long slow fuck, the only sounds in the changing room their panting, heavy breathing and occasional groan when a penis seemed to penetrate someone deeper than before.  

Their breathing simultaneously seemed to quicken as the three men feeling their orgasms building up, their balls aching to explode.  Without warning, Matt withdrew from David’s arse, and stood up, moving around to face Ed, pumping his cock up and down rapidly.  David followed, allowing Ed to get off his hands and knees, and kneel in front of the two of them, as all three furiously wanked their dicks.  Matt moaned loudly and began to shoot his load; spray after spray of cum erupting from his cock and landing on Ed’s face and chest.  This was too much for David, and he moaned, and started to ejaculate; his own load joining Matt’s.  Spunk ran down Ed’s face and body, and he leaned back as his own load erupted, spraying up and onto his body, joining the rest.   Matt’s dick stopped spraying, and he dropped to his knees, letting his tongue work over Ed’s abs and chest, greedily cleaning the spunk from his body.  David joined him, snogging Ed, licking his face clean, the mixture of their cumshots salty on his tongue.  Soon, the last remnants of spunk were gone, and they all stood, facing each other, their boners subsiding, their breathing returning to normal.

“Well – you guys don’t seem to have any problems after your night lost in the open – you both seem to be in fine health…” said Dr Matt, laughing.  “That being said, I think it best if we keep you in isolation here overnight under observation from myself of course….”