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Anonymous asked: Hey how's everything going? Its been awhile since you posted a story :(

Hey.. Life’s been hectic for the last couple of months, currently on holidays, but thinking up more stories while I’m away… Hopefully post some new stuff soon 😄

#8.2 Frat House

  • I'd never been great at the whole 'be a man thing' but here I was, next to my ex on his brother's doorstep looking into his world. A strong scent of musky manhood and beer filled the room, there was a sound of a football game buzzing from the wall mounted TV. On the floor there were bottles of beer half covered by shorts, sports jerseys and jock straps. Right in front of us was a tall muscular black man, he looked back and forth between us until he grabbed Jordan by his long curly hair and dragged him to an armchair in the corner. "I'll have your brother" he shouted back to Josh as he crammed his huge black cock into Jordan's mouth.
  • Josh stood up, pulling the dick out of his mouth and came closer, towering over me as I knelt down all doe-eyed. One of his friends followed and they pulled me inside, taking one arm each. Josh collapsed onto his bed and pulled me into his crotch by the collar of my T-shirt where his dick stood at full attention.
  • I wrapped my warm mouth over it and began to work it deeper and deeper into my throat. I'd been practising the techniques i'd read in an article about 'the Art of giving Perfect Head'. 1. I made as much eye contact as I could, showing that even though he had dragged me into this I was enjoying ever second. 2. Don't forget the balls, I massaged them gently, pulling, caressing, occasionally giving them a suck on their own. 3.Mix it up! I changed speed, pressure and direction as often as I could without becoming like a drill. I'd loosely take it as he thrust his shaft down my throat but enveloped it firmly as I concentrated on the head. Twisting clockwise and anti-clockwise, licking the shaft up and down and then taking the all 8 inches of his thick meat down until my bottom lip was buried in his ball sack.
  • SSSHRRRRRIP!!! The sound of my T-shirt ripping as one of his friends tore it from behind, and went on to tear my shorts and pants as the animal in him took over. I felt him bury his face deep into my ass hole and his tongue tickle my insides, as if I wasn't already wet with excitement. I could feel a cold draft as he removed his friend, I waited in anticipation as I knew the only reason he would eat me out would be t-
  • "MMMMMMMmmm" I tried to yell with a mouth full of cock, intense pleasure shot through me as I thick, rock hard dick pushed through me, exciting every orgasmic nerve inside. He rocked back and forth as the nerves, emotions and excitement made me too tight for him to thrust. I wrapped my legs around him the best I could as he lifted me off my knees held my ass in his hands, spreading my cheeks as much as he could. He quickened is pace eventually until he was pounding me so hard that even the walls seemed to sway.
  • The two other guys surrounding me knelt down on either side with their dicks hard and ready and pulled me off my arms, my supports, placing my hand on their dicks. I was suspended in mid air by all 4 of their erect cocks, with each thrust behind me giving me momentum for a throat full of cock and enough bounce to jerk off their dicks.
  • And so I was completely out of control yet in a state of completely ecstasy and euphoria. I was being dominated by four of the manliest, muscular, well hung 20 year olds I had ever laid my hands on. As I felt their ejaculate burst, spew and erupt inside me and onto me I felt a feeling of accomplishment. This was exactly what I wanted all along, so really I was in charge...

Anonymous asked: OH wow I just want to stay your writing is amazing, it definitely got me hard! I would love to see if you have any more stories with Patrick and Mark in Gym Jock Fuck :) Keep up with the good job, oh and don't forget to proof read I noticed there were some minor mistakes here and there but overall the level of writing is great!

Great to hear you like the blog… will try to get another Patrick and Mark instalment together soon.

Thanks for the feedback on the proofreading…I’ll try to double check before I post.  Sometimes I’m a little slack in checking - want to get stuff out there quick!

Back from the Army

This one is for an anonymous reader who requested something along these lines….whoever you are, hope you like it….

Ben looked down the street from the cab as it pulled into the close where his parents lived – nothing, absolutely nothing had changed in the 6 years he’d been away, overseas – nothing ever did in this small town – and he hated that he had to come back – there was nowhere else for him to go, now he’d left the army.  He’d spent the last 3 months in hospital, recovering from the stab wounds he’d received in a random street attack in Kabul, that had happened just a week before he was due to be discharged anyway.  Three long months locked in a ward with nothing to do by lie there and heal – nothing to drink, not even the privacy to have a wank to relieve the boredom.

As the taxi pulled into his parent’s drive, a vaguely familiar figure opened the front door: young, tall, and blonde, wearing nothing but a tight pair of rugby shorts.  He stretched his hands above his head, leaning on the door frame, the muscles in his chest and abdomen moving lithely beneath his skin, and watched the incoming car, a cheeky grin on his face. 

Ben couldn’t quite place him at a distance; he paid the driver, and as he walked down the long drive, and the guy’s face came into focus he realised he was looking at a younger version of himself.  Realising who it was, he dropped his kit bag, and ran forward, grinning…“Fuck … Danny – I didn’t recognise you!”  The two hugged each other tightly. 

“Good to have you home brother”

Ben held his baby brother at arm’s length…well baby was the wrong word, now – Danny had been 13 the last time he’d seen him, skinny, awkward and covered in spots – that had been nearly 7 years ago, before Ben had left to join the army.  Man, you’ve changed completely….You’re, what 20 now, right?”

Danny grinned – “20 next week … you never remember my birthday”

“Well – you’re just as bad – where were my 35th birthday wishes last month?  Mum and Dad even managed to get a message to me, out there…”

“Yeah – you know how it is…sorry bro…I’ll make it up to you… Mum and Dad are still at Uncle Joe’s funeral – so it’s just you and me tonight – I thought we could have a few beers and pizza and catch up”

“Sounds great to me – I need a swim and a drink after the journey I’ve had…”  They paused, looking at each other, before he continued.  “It’s really good to see you, Danny – it’s been way too long”. 

Ben thought to himself that Danny was looking good – the shaved blonde hair suited him – much better than the long floppy hairstyle Ben had had at the same age. He was in much better shape than he had been then too – tall, slim and toned, with a suntan that reflected the hours a day he spent at work, lifeguarding at the local pool. 

Ben had only got in shape once he joined the army, and was now heavily muscled after 7 years of hard training.   He’d got into weights to try to beat the boredom of being abroad, and despite almost 3 months of inactivity, his body was still in good shape – muscular shoulders and arms, broad chest and toned, defined abs. He’d managed to convince the doctors to let him lie outside for the last week before he had been discharged, and his skin was tanned a dark brown; the blonde hair that covered his torso, arms and legs bleached almost white against his skin.

Danny grabbed Ben’s bag – “c’mon - you’re in your old room – Mum’s still never been able to get round to getting rid of all your old stuff… Get changed and come out the back – you’ve gotta see what they’ve done to the place.”

They headed inside, Ben throwing his bag into his old bedroom.  He looked around his old room, everything exactly the same as it was before.  He shook his head, grinning – his mum could never bear to clear his stuff out, was always terrified he was never going to come back from the army.  If he remembered correctly, he used to keep his swim trunks in the third drawer, and almost laughed out loud when he pulled the faded blue pair he used to wear all summer.  He stripped down naked, examining his reflection in the mirror. 

He ran his fingers over his body, letting them follow the curves of the muscles on his chest and abdomen, finally examining the long pink scar that ran across his abdomen from one side of his body to the other, starting on his left hip, extending up, across his navel and as far as his ribcage.  It was a souvenir of his most recent two lucky escapes – this one was given to him by a local kid, who’d tried to stab him in a fight.  He’d got off lightly – the kid was holding the knife the wrong way, and the tip had only cut skin deep, and the surgeons had sewed him up well – any deeper and he’d probably be dead.  

He ran his hand up, over his chest and touched the much more faded scar just below his left shoulder.  He’d received that particular one just a week into his first tour – a corresponding, messier affair was on his back, marking where the bullet had passed through his body, luckily, missing any vital organs.  

He rummaged through the chest of drawers, finally finding a faded pair of trunks.  He pulled them up, tucking his thick cock safely inside, the shaft thickening ever so slightly as he did, before tying the drawstring firmly around his waist.  Fuck he was horny – was definitely going to need to do something about that later tonight.  He looked under the mattress and grinned to himself to find that his porn stash was still there…

Grabbing the towel off the bed, he headed out to the pool, looking forward to a cool swim.  Danny was already on a sun lounge, stripped to the waist, beer in hand.  “Hey – you want a drink? “ he asked, reaching into the icebox next to him.

“Just let me dive in first, need to wash the plane sweat off me…”  Ben dove in, the water refreshing him, as he swam several lengths underwater, relishing the refreshing cold.  He pulled himself out of the water, and stood, dripping in the sun.  He wandered over to the icebox, pulling a chilled beer out, and swigging it down in a single gulp.  He grabbed a second, before laying down on the lounge next to his brother.  They lay in silence for several minutes, contemplating their thoughts, and drinking their beers.

“You really glad to be home?”  Danny asked.

“I guess so - not sure what I’m going to do, now I’m out of the army though, it’s all I’ve ever known – since I joined up…Definitely safer being here though….less likely to be shot…or stabbed”

Danny got to his feet, brining another beer over, sitting down, next to Ben’s legs. “Yeah – you should have seen Mum when we got the news you’d been shot…Thought she was going to fly over personally and drag you home”

“Yeah – that was definitely something I don’t want to repeat”

Danny pointed at Ben’s shoulder – “is that where it, you know….”

“Yep….high powered rifle – bullet passed right through – the exit is worse though…”  He sat up, and turned around.  Danny reached forward, and ran his fingers over the scar…”Wow - does it hurt…you know, getting shot?”

“It all happened so fast – I didn’t really feel anything at the time, and they shot me full of drugs within a few minutes…It was later that it hurt, you know, during the recovery.  Doesn’t really bug me anymore, although it does ache a little sometimes when it’s cold”

Danny’s warm fingers ran over Ben’s shoulder, tracing the entry wound around and around.  “Man – looks painful”

“Not as bad as getting slashed…” Ben replied.  “…that one made it hurt to move for weeks…”  He lay back down again, pointing at the scar across his body.  “Still hurts, sometimes, but it’s the itching that drives me crazy”

Danny sat on the sun lounge, and ran his hand along the long, thin mark that marred the brown tanned skin of his brother’s abdomen, tracing the scar as it traversed the curves of his abs.  “Hey – you can see the stitch marks…” he remarked “…I can see the little dots along each side”

Ben closed his eyes enjoying the heat of the sun on his body, head buzzing from the first beers he had in weeks. “Yeah they did a not bad job patching me up, I guess.”

“How far down does it go?”

“Right across to my thigh….”  Ben undid the drawstring of his speedo, and slipped the left side down, so Danny could see where the scar ended.  Danny ran his fingers from Ben’s navel, down across his crotch to the top of his thigh where the scar ended.  “Man that is huge.  Mum’s going to freak if you show her…”  They both laughed. 

“Does it hurt at the moment?”

“Not hurt really; it twinged a bit when I was swimming, but it’s itchy as hell a lot of the time”

Danny reached down and scratched gently along the line, his fingernails gently tracing the full length of the scar.  “Is it itchy now?”

Ben sighed….”yeah – but that’s nice – that’s good”  Danny continued to move his nails up and across the scar, starting at one end, high on his abdomen, across his navel and down over his hips and onto his thigh.  Ben finished his beer, closed his eyes, and lay back, his hands behind his head as Danny gently scratched his itch.  It felt nice to be home in a way, the warm sun beating down on him, the buzz of the beer, the feeling of Danny’s hands touching his body. 

He sighed deeply, completely relaxed, feeling better than he had in a long time – his breathing slowing and deepening as they sat together in silence, Danny’s fingers making him feel completely at ease.  Ben was barely aware of his erection that was now tenting his speedos, and how Danny had splayed his fingers wide, as he ran his hand over his brother’s body.  Soon, his fingers were combing through Ben’s blonde pubic hair, moving further and further down until the tips brushed the base of his dick, until they slowly travelled down the length of his shaft.

Danny grinned as he wrapped his hand around the base of Ben’s meaty erection, squeezing it gently.

 Ben moaned groggily “…fuck….that’s really nice….”

“Been a while?”

Ben opened his eyes, grinned and responded “…far too long”  He lifted his arse in the air, so Danny could slide his trunks down and off, and lay on the sun lounge, his thick, uncut cock erect, laying against his abdomen, blonde pubic hair nestled surrounding the shaft, and covering his heavy nut sack.   He shielded his eyes with one hand, and watched as Danny stood up, letting his own shorts fall to his ankles, revealing a dick was almost identical to his older brother’s – uncut, long and thick, with the same blonde pubic hair surrounding it, the only difference being that he’d shaved the shaft and sack smooth.

“Fucking hell, Danny…”

Danny knelt down, tentatively leant forwards and wrapped his hand around the base of Ben’s dick, gently pulling the foreskin back.  He parted his lips, and let the tip of his tongue start to lap at the piss slit, and then run around and around the exposed cockhead.  It tasted clean and vaguely of the pool and salt, and he spent several minutes like this, hand wrapped around the shaft, lips and tongue teasing the tip.    A soft moan escaped Ben’s lips as Danny’s warm, wet mouth enveloped his cockhead, and slowly began to work lower, taking more and more of his dick inside.  Precum had started dripping from the tip, and Danny moaned as the salty juice hit his taste buds; he eagerly swallowed it down, and soon his tongue moving back to Ben’s piss slit in search of more.

Ben placed one hand on the back of Danny’s head and gently guided his mouth further down on his prick, until he could feel his cockhead press against the back of Danny’s throat.  He paused briefly as Danny gagged, struggling to swallow it down, before pressing again, this time more insistently until he felt the gag reflex pass, and his dick slip all the way down his younger brother’s throat. 

Danny’s nose was buried in pubes, his mouth stretched wide around the base of Ben’s dick – he could barely breathe, and was struggling not to gag.  He felt Ben put one hand on each side of his head, guiding it up and down; he allowed his mouth to be controlled in this way, and concentrated on working the shaft with his tongue – feeling the individual veins, bumps and ridges as he licked it up and down.

Ben reached forward and pulled Danny around, on top of him, so that their dicks lined up with each other’s mouths.  Danny moaned ecstatically as his knob slipped between Ben’s pursed lips, foreskin slipping back, and his dick slipping down Ben’s throat in a single slow thrust.  He let the weight of his body press down on Ben’s face until his cock was buried deep, and he pressed his own face downwards to return the favour. 

They continued to devour each other for ages, their orgasms building and building at the same time, each brother knowing when to stop working the other’s dick, not wanting to bring the final climax on too quickly. 

Ben reached up, and lifted his brother by the hips, pushing him forwards.  Their cocks slipped out of each other’s mouths, and Ben raised himself until he was sitting up, with Danny on his hands and knees in front of him.  He parted Danny’s arse cheeks, leaned forward and touched the tip of his tongue on his hole, eliciting cries of surprise from Danny.  These quickly changed into moans of pleasure as he buried his face between the smooth, hairless cheeks, working Danny’s hole with his tongue, pushing it harder and harder against it, until it slipped inside.  He reached forward, gripping Danny’s erection in his right fist, pumping it gently up and down as he rimmed – constantly rubbing his thumb over the tip, lubricating it with the precum that dripped in a constant stream.

Once Danny’s hole was slippery with saliva, Ben slipped up on the sun bed, until he was kneeling behind, with his dick pressed against Danny’s cheeks.  He leaned forward until his hairy chest was pressed against Danny’s back, and whispered “you ready?”

Danny nodded.

Ben reached around his brother’s body, and took his left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing them tightly, before pushing his hips gently forward so that the tip of his penis slipped inside Danny’s hole.

Danny cried out in pain as his tight arse was slowly split apart by Ben’s dick; Ben stopped pushing, leaving just the head of his cock inside; continuing to squeeze down hard on Danny’s tit.  He reached around with his other hand, wrapping it around Danny’s rock hard dick, stroking it gently.  After several moments, he slowly started pushing with his hips once more, gradually sliding more of his cock inside; all the time massaging Danny’s dick, which was rapidly becoming slick with precum.

They slowly started to fuck, doggy style under the hot sun, sweat dripping from their bodies onto the paving stones beneath, panting with the exertion.  Ben grabbed Danny by the shoulders, pulling him backwards and allowing him to thrust faster and deeper inside, while Danny cried out each time Ben’s dick slid in – seemingly deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Their fucking got more primal, Ben pulling his dick all the way out, before slamming it back in – soon Danny was grunting as his hole was pounded time and time again.  His erection was hard to the point of being painful, and soon he was wanking his cock as fast as he could, wrenching his foreskin back and forth over his cockhead, lubricated by the stream of precum that had now started to drip through the slats of the bench and onto the ground below.  He clenched his arse tightly around Ben’s thrusting cock, and only after a few more entries, Ben buried his dick deep inside, moaned loudly, and started to shoot.  Danny could feel each pulse of Ben’s ripple up the length of his dick, starting to spray spunk inside him, filling him with the hot seed.  He too cried out and started to cum – spurt after spurt of cum erupting from his cock, splattering all over the lounge and ground underneath.  Ben pulled Danny back, hard against his shooting dick, as it pumped his load, both of them now moaning and panting as their orgasms tore through their bodies.

Both of their pricks stopped spurting simultaneously, and they both lay there sweaty and panting; Ben on top, his still semi hard dick, buried deep inside Danny’s arse.  He slowly withdrew, feeling his fat cockhead stretch Danny’s arse wide as it popped wetly out, allowing cum to escape, dribbling down his brother’s arse and legs.  They collapsed on the sun lounge next to each other, panting and grinning at each other.  Ben’s erection had subsided completely and his cock hung limply against his leg.  Danny’s, on the other hand was still as hard as ever, the last pearly white drop of cum still glistened at the tip.

Ben glanced down…”still hard? After that?”

Danny rolled over until he was on top, kneeling between Bens’ legs.  He grinned “…yeah, I’m ready to go again….and I reckon this time, I get to fuck your hairy arse”

Ben lifted his legs by the back of his knees, raising his arse in the air, presenting his hole to Danny, who lost no time, leaned forward and buried his tongue between the cheeks, working the hole around and around, forcing his tongue inside, until it was slick and wet with his warm spit.  Ben moaned at the sensation of a tongue rimming his hole, soon his cock started to harden and thicken again in response.

Danny now stopped, and held his cockhead against Ben’s lubricated hole and slowly leaned forward, surprised at how tight it was, but how easily he seemed to take a dick up his arse.

“You done this before?”

Ben grinned up, and nodded.  “All the time – we get bored in the army”

Danny pushed further and further inside until his prick was all the way in before pausing; he was pleased to see that Ben was once again hard as a rock.  He slowly started to fuck Ben’s arse, sliding his cock back and forth – never pulling it all the way in, but just until he could feel Ben’s hole wrapped tightly against his shaft, just behind the head.  Ben put his ankles on Danny’s shoulders, and started to stroke his dick as they fucked – his thumb and forefinger pulling his long foreskin back and forth across his cockhead.  Danny changed pace – slipping his penis completely out, pausing briefly to let Ben’s hole contract slightly before sliding it slowly back in, moaning each time as he felt the tightness envelop his throbbing cockhead as it re-entered.

Ben was briefly surprised when Danny leaned forward and started to snog him – but soon he responded, and they were kissing passionately, tongues mashing together as they fucked their long, slow fuck, slowly building up to their second orgasm of the afternoon.  Danny moaned briefly, thrusting his hips forward, his cock thrusting deep inside Ben’s hole; and then he started to cum, waves of pleasure erupting from his balls, his seed exploding deep inside.  The feeling of warm spunk spraying inside him sent Ben over the edge too, and his cum splattered against his hairy chest and abdomen, matting the hair as it landed.

They both stood, dripping with sweat, each other’s cum running from their arses, grinning at each other, their cocks now both soft and hanging meatily against their thighs.  Ben was the first to speak…. “…well….that was, umm…unexpected”

“Indeed it was…but it was fun, right?”

Still grinning, Ben answered “best fuck I’ve had for a while.  C’mon – let’s get in and wash this shit off”

Anonymous Cocksucker – Paying my Way

I’d been in Europe for a few months – hitching my way round to save money after college.  I was 22, alone and in Spain – halfway through my 4 weeks I’d planned to spend there.  Through a combination of very bad planning and event worse luck, I found myself out in the middle of nowhere, walking along a deserted road, the occasional car that did pass ignoring my outstretched hand.  It was baking hot, and I’d stripped down to my shorts and boots, my singlet wrapped around the straps of my backpack to stop it rubbing my shoulders.  The midday sun beat down on me, and sweat dripped off my face, down my body, soaking the waistband of my shorts.  I’d spent several days like this – walking for ours in the sun, and my body was now tanned dark brown, my blonde hair bleached almost white by the sun.  Almost no hair covered my toned, slim body, and the small amount that was there had turned almost translucent, barely visible.

I was sat by the side of the road, resting on my pack, having stopped to drink the last of my water, and heard the distant rumbling of a truck approaching.  Hopefully I stood, put out my thumb, and prayed.  I could see the driver stare at me as he flew past – belatedly putting on the brakes, slowing to a halt several hundred meters down the road.  I grabbed my pack and ran after him.

“Hola” he called

“Hey … Can you take me to Madrid?”

“Madrid? Si…” he replied, followed by a long sentence I had no hope of understanding.  I smiled, nodded like crazy, and he rolled his eyes, beckoning me to get on board.

I climbed in, and shoved my bag to the floor. “Thanks”

He started off, and for several minutes we sat without speaking as he pulled back onto the road.  I glanced at the guy, feeling awkward for the silence.  He was older than me – about 40, tall, and heavily muscled that I guessed came from years of hard work.  His low cut singlet was stretched tightly across his chest and big shoulders and, dark curls of hair poked around the edges, course and thick against his skin that was tanned mahogany brown. He was wearing faded tracksuit bottoms, cut off above the knees, and I could see his legs were covered with the same, thick hair.  I watched his biceps flex as he ground between gears and worked the steering wheel to and fro, keeping the wandering old truck between the lines of the highway.

The miles rolled on, and the silence and drone of the engine started to make me feel drowsy, until I dropped off, my head falling back against the side of the cab.  I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke suddenly, the truck had stopped, and it was dark outside.  I could feel a rough hand on my thigh, slowly moving up and down.  The only light was from the cab light, and I could see that the driver was turned slightly towards me, eyes roving over my body as his hand slipped further and further up my leg.  I smiled at him; he smiled back, and placed his hand over my crotch, rubbing my cock, feeling it getting harder and harder as he did, until my dick was stiff as a board, and pressing against my shorts.  I unbuttoned my fly and my cut cock sprung out, thick and long.  He wrapped his fist around it, and started to stroke it firmly; the feeling of his rough hand wrapped round my cock was almost painful – but felt so amazing. 

He stroked my dick up and down for several minutes before stopping.  I could see his own erection tenting out his tracksuit bottoms, and I reached over to slip them down – he wasn’t wearing any boxers, and his massive cock sprung out, uncut, thick and surrounded by a hairy bush of dark , wiry pubic hair.

As I leant forward I could smell the musty scent of precum and sweat – I peeled back his foreskin, revealing the purple head beneath, before leaning down, wrapping my lips around it and starting to lick it around and around.  He moaned loudly as my tongue ran around and around the head, licking the sweat and precum from the tip and swallowing it down.  He put his hands on the back of my head, forcing it down further and further on his long, thick shaft that throbbed with excitement in my mouth.  As my lips travelled down the shaft I could feel the individual veins pumping under my tongue and lips, until finally, gagging a little, I’d swallowed the length down.

He put one hand either side of my head and started to pull it up and down, pushing his hips up as he pushed my head down so his dick slid in and out of the back of my throat, moaning all the time. I reached over and wrapped my hands around his hairy, heavy balls and pulled them tight, making him clench his arse as he thrust his hips upward.  He picked up pace, pushing my mouth up and down his cock, precum oozing in a constant stream from his dick, hips and thighs bucking in excitement.  Then, he held my head down on his prick, and ran the other hand down across my back and onto my arse, where he started to finger my hole as he fucked my mouth.  I moaned loudly onto his dick as he slipped one, then two fingers inside me – forcing them inside, starting to massage my prostate from within.

The feeling of his fingers on my gspot made my precum start to flow, and I could feel it oozing onto my stomach and thighs, my cock trapped between them while I was leant over, face forced onto this Spaniards thick hairy dick. 

Suddenly I felt his body stiffen, and he replaced both hands on the top of my head and pushed down hard.  I wrapped my lips tightly around his dick, and felt it explode in my mouth, my tongue running up and down his urethra as it pumped spurt after spurt of hot, salty cum into my mouth.  His hips bucked up and down as he came and moaned loudly over and over.  I swallowed each drop down as best I could, and when he finally stopped shooting, milked the last of his load from the piss slit, cleaning it down with my tongue.

Panting, he leant back on his seat, pulling his trakkies back up over his now softening dick.  I leant back, my rock hard penis still exposed that I started to stroke.  He reached over, knocked my hand away, and wrapped his own around my dick, the rough callouses of his palms rasping against my cockhead.  I moaned as he stroked, and he leant over with his other hand and started playing with my nuts; his fingers gradually working behind them until once again he slipped his middle fingers inside me. I sat more vertical, so I was straddling his hand, and he started to rub my prostate again; I started lifting myself up and down a little, fucking myself on his fingers, as he wanked my dick.

I couldn’t hold back long, and soon cried out and started to shoot – my thick wads of cum spraying forward onto the dashboard and windscreen.  He continued to stroke my dick and finger my hole until I stopped shooting, after which he leant forward, scraping my semen off his truck into his palm, holding it up to my lips.  I licked it off his hand, my spunk mixing with the taste of his in my mouth.

As I did up my shorts, I saw that we were parked up in the back lot of a service station.  He pointed at me, then at the service station – I took this to mean I should get out.

“I was hoping to get to Madrid”

“No Madrid.  No Madrid” he responded.  He pulled a picture from the sunshade of him and a woman.  “Madrid – esposa…..wife” he continued.

“Hmm ok then”

I grabbed my bag, and jumped out of the cab into the warm night air - waving to the driver behind me as I headed to the restaurant next door.

Anonymous asked: Hey man love your work, I love the way you describe parts of the male body.

Thanks :)

Anonymous asked: Wow. This is some quality stuff, man. I'm currently trying to give up porn for ethical reasons, and your tumblr has been a lifesaver.

thanks - really appreciate it when people get in touch and let me know they like it … makes me keener to write some more… :)

Rainy Afternoon Romance [submitted by a follower]

 The rain was tsrating to come down, streaking the window. Brad had stopped by Ron’s place. It was Saturday, and they had been planning on going out and doing something, but now weather made it look like they were going to be stuck indoors.

Still, it was kind of nice just being together, although they were both obviously feeling bored.

They were in the kitchen and Ron was fixing coffee. He had on a t-shirt and faded jeans. Brad was dressed about the same, and the fact that Ron happened t be barefoot, had made Brad decide to take his shoes off and be barefoot, too. It felt good and was kind of sexy, and it encouraged something of an uninhibited attitude. Even without actually saying as much, somthing they both enjoyed.

Ron smiled as he poured the water into the coffee maker and set it to brewing, and Brad smiled back. As shy as they might have been about it, as friends, there was a pleasing male-chemistry between the two of them, and it was something which was difficult not to like. Right then, with no one around, and it being only the two of them, it was nice to show an awareness of this and easy to respond to.

"So … " Brad said with a shrug of his shoulders, "what do you want to do today?"

"I don’t know," Ron said, also shrugging. He glanced at the window. "It looks like it’s going to be raining for a while."

"Yeah," Brad sighed. He leaned back against the edge of the counter, stretching his bare toes out on the smooth floor, as the coffee finished and Ron poured them out each a mug, handing one to Brad.

"What do you feel like doing?" Ron questioned, taking a sip.

"Oh, I don’t know," Brad replied. He sighed again. "Whatever we decide to do, it’s going to have to be indoor fun."

Ron laughed. “That’s sounds a little suggestive!”

Brad smirk back good naturedly, realizing how that had sounded.

"I wasn’t thinking of that," he chided.

Ron was still grinning, looking amused.

"Well … you never know," he teased. "A little between friends rainy day romance."
"Sounds kind of Gay," Brad remarked.

Ron smirked back. “I think stuff like that is different when it’s between friends,” he said, choosing to be entirely philosophical about it.

"I suppose … " Brad relented, seeing his point. He gave Ron a kind of dubious look. "Still … I’ve never anything like that with another guy, friend or not."

"Either have I," Ron admitted. He gave a careless shrug. "Lots of friends mess around, just for fun. It’s not like a big deal."

Brad appeared not entirely convinced, although he knew that it wasn’t exactly uncommon.

"I don’t know … it might be kind of strange. I mean, doing something with another guy."

"It might be fun," Ron countered with a casuual air. "You know … just enjoying something that’s all male for a change. Kind of like taking a vacation from girls."

Brad smiled a little. “Yeah. I guess it could be,” he said.

They both smiled, looking at one another and smiling somewhat self-consciously, but at the same time finding it interesting being open enough to discuss this kind of thing with each other.

In fact, it made the idea seem not unappealing.

"We could just head into the bedroom and see what it was like," Ron said.

"I … I guess we could," Brad agreed.

They each took a sip of coffee and set their mugs on the counter anbd walked from the kitchen, through the living room, and into Ron’s bedroom. They paused, looked at one anothe again, and tugged their t-shirts up and over ther heads. Then they slid down their jeans and underwear. There was a tiny moment of modesty, but that was quickly replaced by how inviting it felt to be naked together. They each smiled. Then, because it seemed entirely easy and natural to do, they stepped forward, sliding into each other’s arms and shared a naked embrace. Their bare skin felt smooth and warm and soft as it touched. Again, they looked at one  another, and then each closed his eyes, and they let their slightly parted lips touch. The effort was gentle but felt wonderful to be sharing as friends and just as guys.

They both grinned and climbed on to the bed, stretching out, and slipped back into each other’s arms, and resumed kissing. This time allowing their kisses to be more amorous. Between that and thei being naked, they both started to get an erection. Their penises stiffing and pushing up between them. The sensation of arousal encouraged thier romantic feelings. As they kissed, they let their hands slide down to hold and feel each other’s stiff length.

After several minutes of enjoying the naked male closeness they pulled back to catch their breath.

"Mmm … this is nice," Ron apraised.

"Yeah," Brad agreed. He looked at Ron’s revealing arousal. It felt wonderful not to have to be embarrassed to be admiring of another guy’s sexuality, or to enjoying being so revealing of his own.

Without saying a word, Brad leaned all the way over and took the swollen tip of Ronh’s penis into his motuh. He heard Ron moan, and then moan again as he slid his mouth up and down the curved shaft.

Admittedly, Brad was not fully prepared to find himself with a mouthful of semen. Although, at the same time, he actually found himself wishing that Ron would ejaculate so he could have that experience. Ron, however, held back, and Brad took his wet mouth away after an indulgent moment.

They kissed.

"That felt so good," Ron said.

"It felt good having you hard dick in my mouth," Brad said, grinning.

As he laid there, Ron leaned over to try sucking on his erection.

"Oh, yeah … " Brad breathed, as he watched his boner sliding wetly in and out of his friend’s mouth.

Then Ron pulled away and the continued to kiss and fondle and caress and stimulate one another. Brad began to feerl Ron’s balls, juggling the firm oval shapes around beneath the soft loose skin. While he was doing that, he let his index finger go a little lower to tease and caress Ron’s tight anal pucker. Something which Ron found extremely stimulating.

"Oh, man … " he panted.

Brad smiled and quite deliberately continue to tease his friend’s sensitive opening.

"Oh, geez … you could stick you dick in," Ron said breathlessly.

Brad had not been expecting to do anything that intimate. They did not even have a condom, although he supposed that they could feel safe enough with each other.

He saw a bottle of hand lotion sitting on the nightstand.

Reaching for it somewhat impulsively, he took the bottle and upended it, squeezing out a generous amount onto the palm of his hand, which he then applied to his unbelievably stiff penis.

Brad positioned hinmself on his kness beteen Ron’s legs, which he raised yp. Taking a hold of his hrd erection, Brad touched the mushrooming red tip to Ron’s anal pucker. He worked it back and forth to spread some o the hand lotion. Very gently, but firmly, he pushed forward and the head of his penis went in. Ron squeezed his eyes shut and drew in a breath, tensing just a little with the intrusion. Brad waited, and when Ron eplaxed, he went ahead and slid his erect organ all the way in.

"Ohhhh … " Ron breathed, his eyes still closed, his head tilted back.

The grip of Ron’s anal sheath felt tight and warm on Brad’s penis. Slowly he pulled back and then push in again, and began to repeat this action. Brad could hardly believe that he was actually fucking another guy, or how excitingly masculine this felt.

"Oh, man … " Brad exclaimed, as he kept his hips moving to drive his stiff boner through Ron’s tight opening, each time going deep into his warm interior.

A minute went by, and then another.

Brad could feel the urge building within his penis.

"Oh, geez! Oh, geez!" Ron suddenly gasped, unable to control his excitement any longer, as he ejaculated.

Brad saw the creamy semen pulse out and over Ron’s stomach, and seeing Ron release excited him.

"Uh … " he grunted as he felt his erection ejaculating too, doing so fully inside of Ron.

It was such a fantstic sensation to feel his liquid surge up and out of his hard length. Unexpectedly, though, the most exciting part was his realization that he was actually giving Ron his sperm. It felt so incredibly satisfying to be impregnating him like this as another guy.

"Oh, yeah … yeah … " Brad gasped.

Then it was finally over. Even then, it still felt wonderful to have his penis fully inserted into Ron and to enjoy the fact that he had just climaxed in him. It was such a loving thing to do as friends.

It seemed like that ay had been made just for hem. The rain and everything. And neither had any regrets.

Late night encounter…

It was a quiet night – even for a Monday - usually he’d only have to wait 15 minutes tops for someone else to show up, looking for action; now he’d been here for about 45 and nothing, nada.  It was a nice night for it too, warm, clear and only a few clouds in the sky that intermittently obscured the moon, throwing the forest into near complete darkness.

A few cars had passed, as well as a cyclist, who, had for a few seconds seemed to slow down as they went past, but had not stopped.  Ben sat here in his darkened van, erection raging in his shorts, almost ready to give up and head home for a wank in front of some porn he’d downloaded earlier in the day.  He looked in the rear view mirror, and saw another cyclist go past…or was it the same one?  The blue sleeveless t-shirt looked familiar, and again he slowed briefly, glancing at the parked car before picking up speed again and pulling away into the night.  His penis throbbed painfully, and, glancing around, he slipped it out of his gym shorts and gave it a few pumps, milking a few drops of precum from his cut cockead, massaging them back into the tip before licking the remainder off his thumb.   Distracted, he hadn’t noticed the cyclist return, this time stopping just down the road from where he was parked; the rattling of lock chains on the railing alerting him to the cyclist’s presence.

He stuffed his dick back inside his shorts, watching the guy messing with the bike as he nervously glanced about the place, before heading down a barely visible track between the trees.  After a couple of minutes, he got out, locking the car behind him before following the same route as the cyclist.  It was a very dark night out here and soon he left the streetlights behind, as he ventured quietly further and further into the woods, catching the occasional glimpse of the guy ahead when the moon was uncovered by the moving clouds.

As he turned a sharp bend in the path, he almost stumbled into the guy, standing at a fork in the path, obviously unsure of which way to go.  The guy jumped and let out a cry of surprise at his sudden presence.  Pressing a finger to his lips, he indicated the left fork, and beckoned the cyclist to follow.  They walked for another few hundred meters, until; finally they came to a small clearing, almost invisible from the main path.  They both pushed through the thick hedge that surrounded it and stood, facing each other in the narrow clearing.  The cyclist looked young, 20 at most, tall and slim, with dark cropped hair wearing a blue singlet, jeans and a pair of tatty looking trainers.  He looked very nervous. “First time doing this?”  The kid nodded, looking terrified.  “You interested?”  Again, a nod, trembling.

Their eyes locked, the stare briefly broken as Ben pulled his tshirt off, revealing his muscled, toned torso.  His pecs and abs, a product of hours in the gym were tanned a golden brown, the course blonde hair that covered them bleached white by the sun.  A colourful tattoo completely covered his left arm from shoulder to wrist, and an abstract symbol – a souvenir of his travels was inked in black next to his bellybutton, just above the waistband of his shorts. The kid stood frozen to the spot trebling, watching him. “You have a name?”


“Relax, Kevin – I won’t bite.  You are legal, right?”


“How old are you?” Ben elaborated.

“17…nearly 18”

“God…I’m 36…you sure you’re up for this?”

Kevin laughed and nodded nervously, his gaze roaming over Ben’s bare torso, but not moving.  Taking the lead, Ben slipped his hands underneath Kevin’s singlet, lifting it up, exposing a slim, lithe body below.  “Arms up…”  Kevin obliged, and Ben stripped the singlet off, letting it fall to the ground.  He let his hands roam over Kevin’s body, the skin warm and smooth beneath his touch, as his fingers ran up his abs, across his chest and around the back, pulling them closer together, until their naked torsos were touching.  They started to kiss, their lips touching together tentatively, Ben quickly slipping his tongue into Kevin’s mouth – he tasted of cigarettes and chewing gum.  Emboldened, Kevin reached forward and tentatively started to rub his fingers through the hair covering Ben’s chest and abs, running around his sides and over his muscular shoulders, pulling them closer together.  Ben reached down, placing his hands on Kevin’s arse, grinding their crotches together, both of them now with rock hard erections, cocks grinding against each other.

They broke apart from their embrace and Ben took a step back to give himself some space.  He unbuttoned the waistband of his shorts, undid the zipper fly and let them fall open, his cock shaft still trapped against his abdomen, but thick root of his dick now clearly visible.  He slowly slid his shorts down until his prick sprung free, moderately sized and uncut, a tiny drop of precum on the tip, glistening in the moonlight.  He’d only trimmed that morning – so his low hanging nuts and cock shaft were smooth, with his cock surrounded by a neat patch of blonde pubic hair.  He pulled his long foreskin back down the shaft of his dick, exposing the fat mushroom head beneath.  “Your turn…”

Trembling a little, Kevin slipped off his trainers, followed by his socks and jeans. He unbuckled his jeans and let them fall to the ground, and was left wearing only a pair of tight white briefs that pinned his dick against the left hand side of his abdomen.  He lifted the elastic up and over his dick, and pulled them down, stepping out of them and finally standing up straight before Ben.

Ben’s sharp intake of breath punctuated his surprise at what had been beneath Kevin’s briefs.  The kid was hung like a donkey.  It looked to be at least 10 inches long, and even though it was hard, it hung down and out over his nutsack, a dark bush of pubes around the base.  “Jesus that’s huge” said Ben, as he dropped to his knees in front of him so he was now at eye (and mouth) level with the enormous prick.  He wrapped his hand around Kevin’s shaft – it was thick and meaty in his palm before gently pulling back his foreskin and leaning in and touching his tongue to the tip.  The musty taste of the glans mixed with the salty taste of precum on his tongue, as he opened his lips, and slipped the fat cockhead inside.  Kevin moaned as Ben’s warm, wet mouth enveloped his dick for the first time, lips firmly wrapped around the shaft, tongue running around and around his cockhead, flicking again and again into his piss slit.

Ben tried to take as much as he could, opening wide, and fighting the gag reflex as the long, thick shaft slid into the back of his throat, but he couldn’t swallow much more than half of Kevin’s erection.  He set to work eagerly, licking, sucking and lapping what he could take, a stream of precum filling his mouth as a reward, swallowing down as much of the salty juice as he could each time he pulled his mouth backwards along the shaft.  Ben reached down, and milked a stream of pre from his own dick onto his finger, lubricating the tip, before placing it gently on Kevin’s tight hole.  Instinctively moving his legs wider apart, Kevin cried out in surprise when Ben simultaneously licked furiously at his cockhead and pushed his finger inside his hole, slipping it in as far as the first knuckle.  Ben worked his index finger further and further inside, all the time sucking and working his lips around Kevin’s cock, until the fingertip touched and started gently massaging his prostate.

Kevin moaned in pleasure – the pace of his breathing increasing as Ben sucked and finger fucked his arse.  A second finger followed the first, then a third, Kevin’s hole relaxing a little more each time to accommodate the added girth.  A few seconds later Kevin moaned loudly and started to cum – his hot, salty seed filling Ben’s mouth, and leaking down his chin as he struggled to swallow it all down.  Kevin’s hips bucked forward with each pump of semen, thrusting his dick deeper and deeper down Ben’s throat each time.  Finally, he stopped cumming, and stood panting, his prick still as hard as a rock, as Ben collapsed backward, eyes closed, onto the ground on his back, his unsatisfied dick still stiff and leaking precum onto his abs. Ben lay there, disappointed that Kevin had cum so quickly, expecting him to leave, but was pleasantly surprised a few seconds later to feel Kevin straddle his dick, slowly lowering himself down on the shaft until it was buried inside. 

Ben let Kevin take control, sitting still as he got used to the presence of Ben’s cock buried in his hole.  He slowly started to raise himself up and down, pausing each time to let the cockhead slide out of his tight hole, and moaning in pleasure as the fat, mushroom head stretched his arse wide as it popped out and slipped back in again.  Ben opened his eyes, and saw that Kevin was still fully erect, and stroking his big dick as he impaled himself again and again on his cock.  “Fuck – you’re ready to go again?”

Kevin just nodded – and continued to ride up and down on Ben’s dick.  Ben reached forward, and took over wanking Kevin’s dick, pumping the thick, veiny shaft in his fist.  Kevin leant back, with his back arched, placing his hands on the ground, and letting  Ben take over – raising himself up slightly so Ben could thrust his hips up, pushing his dick in and out of his hole as he stroked his dick.  They fucked for ages, Ben pausing every now and then to let his orgasm subside, wanting this to go on for ages.  He’d just started thrusting his hips up again, grinding his dick hard and deep inside Kevin’s arse when again, Kevin moaned, and a second load of spunk erupted from his dick, splattering all over Ben’s torso, spraying as far as his chin, matting the blond hair, and quickly starting to run down the sides of Bens chest and abs.

Still panting, Kevin lifted himself up, so that Ben’s aching cock slipped out of his hole, slapping hard against his abs.  Amazingly, Kevin’s dick was still erect – not even a sign that it was starting to go soft – even after cumming twice already.   “Fuck, Kevin, you’re insatiable…”

“I really want to make you cum”

“How about you fuck me for a while, then?”

Ben rolled over, and pulled himself up onto his hands and knees, his arse in the air.  Kevin knelt behind him, reached forward and wiped some cum from Ben’s chest and lubricated his dick with it,  fist wrapped around the base of his shaft, the tip pressed against Ben’s hole.  He pushed forwards, and pushed his dick all the way in, one single thrust.  Ben thought he would pass out from the pain of the big dick entering him so quickly, and cried out.  “Fuck Kevin – take it easy”

“Sorry …. I’ve never, you know, done this before”

“Just let me get used to it – I don’t usually get fucked, and never by a dick as big as yours”

 They stopped any movement, the pain in Ben’s arse starting to subside. Kevin started to move his dick ever so slightly, and inch or so back and forth to start with, Ben moaning at the pleasure of being fucked by a massive dick.  Slowly he put more and more movement into the thrusts, until Kevin was just leaving the tip of his dick inside before pushing his hips forward, and sliding the full length back in.  Ben moaned with each thrust – the pain giving way to pleasure, pushing his arse back , welcoming the thrusts of Kevin’s hips that drove the dick deep into his arse.  Kevin grabbed Ben’s hips and was soon pulling his dick all the way out, before pounding it back inside.  Ben could feel his orgasm building and building, and after several minutes of having his arse brutalised, he cried out and started to cum.  Kevin continued to pound his hole as Ben sprayed his load onto the grass, finally collapsing from his hands and knees onto his front, wrenching Kevin’s dick free from his arse one last time.

Kevin started wanking his dick furiously as Ben lay in the sticky grass, and after only a few strokes moaned and shot his third load of the evening, spunk splattering all over Ben’s arse and back; this time his dick was already starting to soften as he milked the last few drops from the tip, letting them fall onto the grass.

Ben stood – sticky with spunk, his hole aching from the first fucking he’d had in ages.  They stared at each other, their breathing starting to return to normal, cocks now almost completely flaccid.  Kevin was the first to move, picking up his discarded briefs, stepping towards Ben and using them to wipe the cum from his chest and back before slipping them back on, tucking his dick so it lay against the left side of his crotch.  They dressed in silence, and started to walk back along the path to the layby, Ben in the lead, Kevin following close behind.  As Ben’s car came into view, Kevin spoke “…um… do you think, you know, we could do this again?”

“I’d like that….a lot…”  Ben unlocked his car.  “Shall I give you my number?”

“I don’t have my phone with me – didn’t want to risk losing it out here”

Ben reached into the car, searching for a pen.  “Come here – give me your arm” 

Kevin stuck his arm out; Ben grabbed it and scribbled his number & name down his forearm in black ink.

“Thanks.  I’ll call you….it was … um… fun” Kevin grinned…

“Can’t wait….see you soon…”

They went their separate ways, and a couple of hours later as Ben lay naked in bed in his dark room, freshly showered and clean, his phone buzzed with a message. “Here’s my number… I had fun tonight. K”.   He replied “Me too – just in bed, can’t wait for the next time”

He lay back, his arse aching from the fucking Kevin had delivered to it; his cock starting to stiffen at the memory.








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